Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Blushing Burns

Megan stayed home from school again yesterday. She still can't walk on her foot very well. Matt took off the bandages and cleaned up the stitches last night. We might try going to school today, just have to wait and see how she's feeling and if she can get a shoe on! Luckily Wednesdays at school are filled with Music with Miss Jennifer and then Worship with Mrs. O, so there isn't a lot of running around.

Megan is SO antsy at home all day! Monday we made new pink glitter playdough and two batches of butter cookies. Yesterday, she said to me "Mom, I have to stay home again?! NOW what are we going to do?!" So to bring out the smiles and kill some time, I let the girls use my makeup and put it on themselves! They were so excited.

As you can see they still have some learning to do. Eyeshadow was Blush was Lipgloss. Maybe they have the right idea...use the same thing for your whole face and save some money. (Who am I kidding? Everything they used is at least 5 years old!)


Bert Bell said...

OH how pretty! LOL Kids are so much fun sometimes. Maybe you could do a makeup tutorial for the girls, get them going in the right direction.

LauraC said...

I'm very sad to report your daughters are better at doing their makeup than I am at doing my own.


Totally Desperate Mom said...

They do better than I can do applying that stuff.

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