Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Megan and Molly love bugs. They also love worms and spiders. Matt has taught them to be fascinated rather than scared. And I like this - so I try and foster their curiosity. Both girls have "bug houses" (Or as Wendy calls them "DLBHs") that get new tenants each day. They are old baby food jars that I poked a few holes in the lids. Then the girls decorated them with stickers and glitter. (Can't have an ugly bug crib!) Presently we have a snail, a lady bug, and a rolly polly staking claim. In the past we've also had worms, bees, a Sphinx moth, and pincher bugs. The rule is that they can keep anything for 24 hours, then we have to let it go. They enjoy filling the jars with dirt, blades of grass, and flowers from our garden. Megan always worries if one bug will eat the other - but so far that hasn't happened.

When does child fascination turn into "Get that out of my house! It's dirty!".....trying to squelch that impulse lately! Anyone else find it crazy I let my kids stomp around the yard with glass jars? Yeah - I know. Already been pointed out, so thanks. I'm thinking the foam stars will act like airbags upon impact. Maybe wishful thinking.


Bert Bell said...

I don't find it crazy. I think it makes sense to teach them not to fear. When I was MUCH younger, I used to catch lightning bugs in an old mayonaise jar. I like lighting bugs...their butts light up! Yep still a child in that respect. As long as it isn't something poisoness & they don't turn them loose in the house, I say let them play!

Totally Desperate Mom said...

ummm.... I think those are CLBH's (cute lady bug houses). Some people can turn anything into a cute craft. Not me. I turn cute crafts into... uncrafts?
So does this mean you won't be eligible for my MCP (most cluttered purse) competition?

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