Saturday, April 25, 2009

Date Your Mate - Week 10

Date Your Mate Challenge

10 Weeks of Dating!! Are you having fun yet? I sure am. Matt and I feel closer than ever lately, and I'm loving being in love with this man. So much so, I find myself surfing the net for sappy, funny, sweet, memorable images. There is some good stuff on YouTube. And so many blogs out there dedicated to LOVE. Which leads me to this week's challenge:

Date Your Mate Challenge Week 10 - "Virtual Love"

This week's challenge is to send your mate a virtual kiss everyday. It doesn't have to be time consuming (unless you want it to be!) Just Google the images of some nouns or verbs that make you think of your mate and you'll be surprised at what you find. Save a few to the desktop and then shoot them to your lover in an email each day with why they made you smile. (I'll put mine on the blog too, just to give you some inspiration!) Make it a simple, fun, colorful piece of evidence that you're head is where your heart is.

Are you up for the Challenge? Get Surfing and have fun!

Here's my Virtual "Muah" to Matthew today. This image makes me think of my biology brain of a husband and smile. He will most likely read the blog and then proceed to tell me the scientific name of this cactus, followed by where it can be found in the continental US. I love that!

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Lisa Butcher said...

I didn't get a chance to fully look at your entire blog the other day...but wow...that is all I can's phenomenal! You are wonder woman! I love the date your mate concept too. And, thanks for sharing Carter's story - I can't imagine. His family seems very strong.
Anyway, so glad to reconnect after a million years it seems.
Btw, is Carter's mom a CDM alum?

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