Friday, April 24, 2009

My MCP (heap and all)

Wendy over at Tales From The Motherhood is having a contest that ends tomorrow called The Most Cluttered Purse. Now I know I should be posting my Date Your Mate post today...but I'm sorry. I just have to enter this contest. I'm not saying I've got it in the bag {wink} but when your purse weighs 7 pounds, you've got to at least be in the running!

So please forgive me, Date Your Mate will be back in full force manana. Today, I present for all your amazement, humor and horror, My Most Cluttered Purse.

Proof is in the poundage.

And in the Heap.

And now for the itemized ridiculousness.
The Obvious: Sunglasses, photo wallet, My Hobo (love it!), car keys, and 2 checkbooks.

The Paperwork: Jr. Kindergarten newsletter, receipt from our hotel in Santa Barbara, gift card I never signed for wedding in Santa Barbara, programs from wedding, Ralphs, Jack In the Box, and TJ Maxx receipts, school pic forms, and store coupons (that I always save and never use!)

The Cut and Dye: 6 pens and a pair of kid scissors. Just in case I need to sign something in six different colors and then "remove top half for your records."

The Electronics: My cell phone, my cell phone case (yes they were separate in the purse) old camera (not the one I presently use) camera case for my new camera, camera battery charger for the car.

The Pretty: Girly bow, hairbrush, a few lipglosses (one without a top), blush brush, Neosporin, Mary Kay compact, and my make-up bag (which is hilarious b/c I wear make-up about once a month!)

The Munchies: baggie of cheerios, a handful of skittles, M&M's and jelly beans, gum, a chocolate Santa (floating around since Christmas), a fruit roll, and a bag of Teddy Grahams.

But the bag of Teddy Grahams only had this in it! So really, I guess it's just trash.

The Babyproof: Wipes, an open plastic egg (which is, I assume, where the handful of candy came from) red washable marker, blue harmonica, My Little Pony ornament, Boots keyfob, and a bib crusted with old dry spit-up.

The Mommyproof: Love how it's called "All Day Relief" HA! Not sure what this says about me but Yes, I have aspirin and a wine opener in my purse. Hey - you get thru your day, I'll get thru mine!

The Random & CHING:
A few hair accessories, a straw, and a buck70 in change.

Now you understand why I had to enter Wendy's MCP Competition. Now I understand why I have cronic neck and sholder pain! Do you have a MCP too? Or are you "that girl" who keeps a kept pocketbook. (Brooke - if your purse is anything like your car, no need to enter!)

You have until tomorrow at 5PM Pacific to enter Wendy's contest. If you honestly have a more cluttered purse then me, PLEASE enter. I now desperately need to save some face!


Aubs said...

You are so funny!! Love it! I guess i have to admit that i am border line "that" girl....ha! There are usually a few receipts floating around in there but i generally clean it out once or twice a week. I CAN however say that when brayden was younger (infant and toddler years) my handbag would have been in the running!

LauraC said...

You can probably guess what my purse looks like. Only the bare essentials! Wallet, cell phone, calendar, gum, paper and pen, chapstick. That's it!

Totally Desperate Mom said...

you rock. I love that you weighed it. I think you are a fierce competitor. You and the other erin (my sis in law) might be neck and neck. This is great work.

~love said...

oh my word! i just came here from facebook and that is FUNNY! i love it.

i have to clean out my purse when i clean out my vehicle {most} fridays. i feel like i'm suffocating if i don't!

but, my pantry right now...well that's a different story. i'm feeling quite suffocated by that & would probably win a contest for messiest there! = )

i wanna see the purse that has held all that for so long! (at lease since christmas, right?!)

Anonymous said...

I am peeing in my pants. I can SO relate! I went to get something out of my purse and my hand hit charlie's airplane that started making loud noises and an old lolipop stuck to my hand and an old reciept. Yay for mom's with the crazy handbags!!!!


Brooke said...

Hilarious! My purse doesn't look like my car, but I think that you win Erin. Mike was dying when I was showing him the pictures. I told him to imagine what you car looks like!? Just kidding, you rock Erin.

Bert Bell said...

Wendy if you are reading Erin's blog & comments I must say from my perspective this dear lady NEEDS THAT PURSE and has hands down won my vote! Crikey!!! 7 pounds!!! That is like toting a newborn (a friend just had a baby 7lb 11oz) and munchie must have some upper body strength! wowsers!

Tonya said...

everything but the kitchen sink! Love peek into your world :)



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