Thursday, April 23, 2009

Reaching for the Cure

YODA (aka Carter Kipp) and DARTH VADER (aka Big Bro Bennett)

Yes, it's that time again. Megan and Molly are participating in the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation's Reaching for the Cure Run on Sunday, May 3rd as team members of "Friends and Family of Erin Vallely." You can CLICK HERE to learn more about Erin and see pictures of all the fun we had last year. This race is near and dear to our hearts. We love the Vallelys so much and are honored to run in Erin's memory as well as help raise money for PCRF.

This year, we are hitting the pavement especially hard in honor of our little friend, Carter Kipp! At 22 months old, Carter was just diagnosed with cancer of the liver. He's a tough cookie - so we know he's going to fight hard! But we want to do our part to help make his battle as easy and short as possible. Carter's Mom and Dad, Kara and Matt, have created a blog to keep everyone updated on his status and let us know how we can help and pray for them. CLICK HERE to visit and let them know how many people are in Carter's Corner!

If you want to help us Kick Cancer's Butt you can CLICK HERE to go to our super colorful donation page. We know this year is hard economically for many, so if you can't donate cash...please be sure and donate your karma. Keep Carter and the Kipp family continually in your thoughts and prayers! WE LOVE YOU CARTER!


Aubs said...

What a little sweetie! Will definatly head over and let them know i am going to be praying for them!

Kipp Family said...

Erin, you are awesome. Thanks for mentioning Carter here. We know a lot of faces view your blog and hope a few will take a second to think positively about all the kids battling cancer. Thanks again.

~love said...

awesome, erin! as a peds nurse, as mom, and as a friend to my college housemate whose son has leukemia i LOVE that your girls get involved in this, too.

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