Wednesday, April 15, 2009

With a Capital D

Ditto, Ditto, DITTO!!

Sometimes taking a walk around blogland is so uplifting, so inspiring, and so reaffirming. Many women have been spouting words of wisdom this week that have resonated to my core.

CLICK HERE to see what Brooke wrote and I am "repeating." (Only I went to Pepperdine and got a degree in Psych. A degree I use everyday...just not in the way I thought I would when I was so studiously pursuing it!) Love you Brooke!

And CLICK HERE to see what PamperingBeki wrote that I am "repeating." The pic of her little boy made me laugh out loud. My kids are SO dressed like that half the time! (And I totally push the clutter to the side right before I snap the shutter!)

I have the cutest videos of Wyatt...but I am still using my old camera and I they wont upload to my computer. Don't ask me why. Matt ordered a new camera battery charger yesterday after we officially gave up hope of finding our old one. ( it's going to appear, I know it!) Until then - I'm going to try and upload the videos to my mom's computer and post them later today. And yes - Easter recap still to come. After last night's dinner, I vegged on the couch and went to bed rather than blogged. It was nice. But now I have lots of catching up to do! For now - here's a pic of what the girls left out for the Easter Bunny. They wanted to make sure he new we liked bunnies! Too funny.

1 comment:

PamperingBeki said...

Awww, thank you!

I hope you had a wonderful Easter.

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