Thursday, April 16, 2009

No Tea for Me (or Munchie)

Finally got the videos of Wyatt to upload. This first one makes his Oba-Mama proud!


And these two just make me laugh! I'm not sure I'll ever love anything more than this kid.


Sometimes I think back to the days Matt and I would talk about having a third or not. We always knew we wanted more than 2 kids...we just wanted to be sure we wanted 3 girls. We didn't want to have another just to "try for the boy." It didn't take long for either of us to know that we would be more than happy with 3 little girls. How could we not, knowing the 2 we'd already been blessed with?! But now that Wyatt's here - I can't imagine our family without HIM. I absolutely love having 3 kids, but getting a boy was bonus. I am over the moon for this kid. Stinky toe eating and all!

Also - finally posted our Easter Recap and pics. But my anal OCD self had to put them back with Monday's post. Just because I sleep better that way! So CLICK HERE if you'd like to see. Happy Thursday!


Tonya said...

adorable...he is so cute and I can't wait to get my hands on my little boy in a few days...

I get the whole being happy with girls thing....I mean, Jason and I just wanted another child...having it be a boy is an amazing bonus...I would have loved another girl though too...anyways, I am sure in a few lives I will wonder how I ever lived with out him...



Sharon Scarpa said...

Seriously it is 5AM your time!!! Adorable videos!!!

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