Thursday, May 14, 2009

Child Cannibalism and Crew Cuts

Watch this video and you'll understand why I contemplate eating this child on an hourly basis. He's just so stinkin' cute and sweet. Considering he loves Jesus and Obama, it's true restraint that I don't gobble him up in one bite! Luckily, 9000 kisses a day hold me at bay.

I love how he sits up at the end and says "I SEE!" meaning he wants me to turn the camera around and show him what I just recorded. How fast they learn.

Current hot topic in our house is to cut or not to cut? As in Munchie's hair. I'm slightly attached to the baby curls at the nape of his neck. I love how they get all damp and ringlet-y after his nap. I hold him in my lap and bury my face in them for a good 10 minutes after he wakes everyday, taking in his sweet baby BO. Daddy thinks the curls are getting too long and it's time for a Big Boy Do.

First haircut! Who knew it would be this hard?

He's running, talking in sentences, and completely feeding himself. He has size 6 feet, has graduated from 24 mos to 2T, and refuses to wear his footie PJs anymore. He slides down the big slide, climbs the ladder to the top bunk, and finds his own shoes in the shoe box. He uses markers and scissors with descent success, can make the dog sit, stay and fetch, and has started saying "Please and Thank You" without being prompted.

For freak sake! Give a girl a break and leave me the curls! Because there is so little left. I feel like axing his wisps of swirly glory would be the official end.

Of My Baby. My Littlest. My Last One.

So bittersweet.

Even though I think the decision has been made, you too can put your 2 cents in about Munchie's Do. Poll closes at the end of today.

Bachelorette Pics tomorrow! I needed a break from wedding posts for a day.


Aubs said... i soooo know exactly what you are going through! Brayden has curlies when his hair grows out and i held off on cutting it for the first time for as LONG as i could! I love the curlies...LOVE THEM! Eventually Daddy won out and we got that first cut and it was cute in a big boy way but like you i felt like i said goodbye to my baby boy that day and hello to my big boy. Not that any of this would help you in any way but know that i soooo understand the mental struggle you are facing! HUGS!!

Anonymous said...

Ok, so I have no children so I may not be able to totally relate. However, I'm with Matt on this one. Cut. Remember when someone asked "how old is she?" you're child is not SJP's son or Kate Hudson's - the mullet must go. That said, he is still the darndest cutest kid I know!

Libby said...

He's not two YET... I say leave the curls for just a little while longer!

Mr. Burns said...

I tried to vote like 10 times. He is getting a cut regardless of the outcome of this little survey!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bert Bell said...

Oh he is a cutie! I agree DON'T CUT THE CURLS!!! But it appears Mr. Burns has made up his mind. Perhaps he will be gracious enough when the hair cut commences to grab a few curls for your scrap book. Kids grow up so fast it just takes your breathe away. Wyatt is a bright fella!

LauraC said...

I find this whole thing SO FUNNY bc I am the one who wanted to cut the boys' hair! I didn't vote though. But I will say you have two little girls with long hair that you can enjoy whenever you want!

LACY said...

He will be cute whatever you do!

Thanks for your post. It means a lot. I am SO glad I am not the only one making such a huge decision. Too bad we can't see in the future. I had so many tell me that moms know their kid I am going on gut. I think it will be great though.

Love that Matt is Mr Burns

Bren's Blog said...

I say cut it, it will grow back thicker and more irresistable! But I know it's hard. Chris insisted on giving Chad a Mohawk after he turned 1 because he had so much hair. I was so sad when they shaved the sides of his head, heartbroken, but he looked so darn cute! And now, his hair is getting so long and thick. Little munchie's will do the same :)

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