Thursday, May 28, 2009

Do Nothing....I Dare You!

I kinda always knew....way back when....deep down in my bones, that I wanted nothing more than to be a Mama. We have a lot of "Do Nothing Days" around here and they always reaffirm this self awareness in me.

Here at Bringing Up Burns, we love ourselves some swings!
(Munchie would do this ALL DAY if I were willing)

All the more better "Spider Style"

"Miss Comaneci" has mastered her
Handstand to Backbend and is beyond proud!

(So is her Mama!)

Our "Do Nothing Days" often make it into my Top 10. For the simple reason that having no expectations results in Off the Chart and Off the Cuff, SIMPLICITY.

And that allows me to really notice, see, and focus on the obvious. Happiness, Purpose, & Contentment are so easy to find and feel when I just let my kids happen. Truly! I can feel it...(deep down in my bones)

IN them, WITH them,
I am in my element
(and it feels good!)


Jennifer said...

What a great post. I love it!

Joanna said...

It's my favorite thing to do. Out of it springs creativity, imagination, and remorable bonding. Children feel special parents take the time to play.

Joanna said...

Uh, that would be MEMORABLE bonding. Not whatever word came out there. (Although it looks like it could be a word!)

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