Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wy Love Lucy

Last weekend, at the BBQ, Munchie developed a crush.
She's 2 and has the cutest pair of pigtails you'll ever see!

Not a day has passed since that he hasn't asked about "Uuussseee."
It usually goes something like this:

W: "Mom, Uuusssee....Where Go?"
Me: "Where is Lucy?"
W: "Yes. Where Go?"
Me: "I don't know.
She's probably with her Mom & Dad."

W: "Mom, Find her!"

Or maybe like this:

W: "Mom, Uuusssee!"
Me: "You like Lucy?"
W: "Yes. Uuusssee...(pauses and smiles) Friend!"

Yesterday when we were dropping off the girls at preschool, he kept turning his head, looking all around. I could tell he was searching for something, so I asked:

Me: "What do you see, Wy?"
W: "Uuusssee school?"
Me: "Oh! No, I'm sorry.
Lucy doesn't go to school."
W: "Ooookaaay" (sad, deflated inflection)

These were taken tonight at dinner.
Seriously Smitten!

LucyKate.....PLEASE come play!
Wy needs himself some "Uuusssee," ASAP!

1 comment:

Liz Laubach said...

Oh My! Lucy is sitting here watching these videos with the biggest smile on her face. We are flattered!
We have to play soon. xo

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