Tuesday, May 05, 2009

On Your Marks!

Get Set, GO! We were all about running this weekend! Early Sunday morning, the OC Marathon course ran right by our house. Just one block down. And our Aunt Erin was running in it! So before we went on to our race, we camped out on the curb and cheered on all the runners as they rounded the corner.

Megan and Molly had a blast giving all the runners
"High Fives" as they passed us.
Wyatt was our look out on Daddy's shoulders.
Erin made great time - passing us at mile 12 in a little under 1:45! But I was so busy worrying about Swine Flu and the girls high-fiveing 900 strangers that the only picture I got of Erin was after she passed us. Oh Well - I know she enjoyed seeing our faces and hearing our cheers!

After Erin ran past, we quick jumped in the car and went to do a little running ourselves. Each year we participate in the PCRF Run it gets more fun. There were over 90 members on Team "Friends and Family of Erin Vallely" this year! Here's a pic of most of us.

Molly, Vivi and Megan before the Race.

And We're Off! The Girls ran the whole 1K and were so proud of themselves. (Last year I had to carry Molly half way through.) Megan keeps telling me "Mom, I ran faster than all the parents!"

Wilborns, Vivi, Megan, Molly & Emmy
across the Finish Line with their medals.

After the Race is a huge Carnival type event. There are tons of tents and booths, with free treats, crafts and games for all the kids to enjoy. There was a Rock Climbing wall, Bouncy House, Snow Cones, and Churros. The cheerleaders and mascots from the Angels and Mighty Ducks were also there.

Firemen handing out hats and badges along with a Hook and Ladder Firetruck for the kids to tour was obviously, the favorite part of Wyatt's Day!

The Vallely's are like family to me and this is a cause near and dear to my heart. I know it made Erin's parents so happy to see such love and support even 18 years after her passing. A huge Thank You! to everyone who supported us in our efforts this year. Megan and Molly raised almost $1000!! Best of all, I love the opportunity the race affords me to help my kids learn valuable lessons all while having FUN!

You can CLICK HERE to learn more about Erin Vallely and see our pics from last year's race.


Tonya said...

so fun...you are so great at exposing your children to such dynamic experiences...

Joanna said...

Chances are that if the people feel well enough to run a marathon, they likely have not contracted the swine flu. That's my guess...

Jennifer Gilmore said...

This post has me happy and sad. Erin and I were in the same grade at Mariners Elementary. I think about her every now and then and wonder how her family is. I think it's great what they are doing in her honor - I would love to go next year. How do I hear about it?

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