Monday, May 04, 2009


That's how far up to I am in Party Planning eyeballs. So no poignant blog post from me today. I'm too busy Painting the Roses Red. Literally! I can't wait for this weekend! I'm very pleased and excited with how everything is coming together. I think my sister is going to have a blast and be super spoiled...which is exactly what I want!


Avery's mom said...

Erin - Your parties sound like they are going to be SO much fun! You are like me with party planning - it's a passion and I love to go the extra mile not to miss the smallest detail. :o)

How was the apple cheddar chicken? It's on our menu for this week too, with mashed baby reds! :o)~

Avery's mom said...

PS: I love your new layout . . . the colors scream SUMMER AT THE BEACH!

Tonya said...

so are the planning diva!



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