Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pizza Sunset

Have I mentioned before that I love my life?

Sunday night Matt and I took the kids to the beach to enjoy a Pizza Sunset. It had been a beautiful day and we thought it was the perfect way to wrap up our weekend.

Wyatt's chipmunk-cheeked "Cheese" face cracks me up!

Our little photog prodigy snapped this pic.

I got lucky and was able to snap some good shots while we waited for the sun to do it's thing. I love getting ones like this! These three make me happier than even Pizza Sunsets.

Can you tell Molly has a starburst in her mouth?
There's her big smile!
(Starburst still in cheek)

I was trying to get Wy to look at the camera and said "Hey?! Look at Mommy's nose!" He did this and then giggled. Little Joker.

I should've been smart and saved this one for Father's Day...but when I was editing it, I couldn't keep myself from showing it to Matt.

The part of the ocean front we like to go to has a park right there in the sand.

May 15th. 7PM. 65 degrees.
14th Street. Newport Beach. California.
Pizza, Love, Giggles, Swings,
and a Sunset.

Told you...Love my Life!!


LauraC said...

I have to say, I LOVE LOVE LOVE munchie's hair now!! It makes him look like such a little boy and I LOVE IT!

Tonya said...

you do have a pretty beautiful life!



Aubs said...

How beautiful!!! We are blessed to have gorgeous beaches here but not just down the street and i'm pretty sure it is like 150% humidity..uugghh!! =) Love the pics of the kiddos...so sweet!! And Wyatt's "cheese" face cracks me up...we still can't get brayden to just smile in a picture most of the time...he always does his silly "chesse" face! ha! Looks like it was indeed a perfect ending to your weekend!!

Oh Honestly Erin said...

Just saw your reply over at the Blog Frog forum for family traditions and HAD to comment. This is such a charming tradition. I love that you're teaching your kids not to take such beauty for granted.

And the photos are just so gorgeous! Adopt me? Lol!

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