Thursday, May 21, 2009


God is so Good. Want to know how I know?

These three call me Mom!How blessed am I?

Need more proof?

Some pics of the beauty (and fun) we enjoy as a family when Matt checks the bird traps at Strawberry Farms GC for Griffith Wildlife Biology. He goes everyday, April 1 - June 30, during the Spring nesting months of native California songbirds. He takes the kids along for the ride almost every afternoon, giving me a break at home and letting me get dinner started uninterrupted! The weekends, when I join the adventure (and we roll 2 golf carts deep) are some of my favorite times as a family.

Vibrant, vivid proof of God's Goodness.

Still need more proof?

This hottie's heart beats for me.
God is Good indeed!

1 comment:

Bert Bell said...

God is good indeed! Sounds like you have a wonderful time checking the bird traps. Such lovely pictures of God's artistic side!

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