Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sum, Sum, Summertime!

WOW! Back to reality. I love long weekends because of the relaxing family time. But when Tuesday rolls around, I always feel a little behind! Like I'm already out of time to accomplish all that needs to get done this week. Oh well....the fun we had this long weekend was well worth feeling rushed today!

I love Memorial Day weekend. It's the unofficial start of Summer here. I always enjoy when Fall rolls around. I really {heart} cold, crisp, sunny mornings. But when the first glimmer of Summer hits, there really is nothing like it. Our Sunflowers are growing like weeds, already over 4 feet tall. The girls rode their razors outside until 8:30 last night. And we ALL took a dip in the kiddie pool on Sunday and then sat in the sun eating Otter Pops. Can't complain about the 3 hour afternoon nap we all enjoyed, either!

Saturday night we BBQ's with friends and watched the Lakers.

These two have known each other since in the womb.
Each think the other is sweet as tea.
M+P = BFF's

The kids had a blast driving P's Jeep!

I also spent a good part of the weekend finishing 160+ of these:

(not our real address....just in case you were wondering)

I also worked on my list of wedding prep still to do for our family. Tie for Matt - check. Decide on dress for Me - check. Flower for back of girls dresses - check. Get rid of horrendous farmer's tan - check! All that's left is dressy shoes for the kids.

Now that all my other "projects" are done...my plan is to finally get around to sewing new cushions for our patio chairs. Matt restained the deck this weekend, and we probably wont eat dinner inside again until late September. Yes....I love Summertime!

17 school days and counting. I don't know who's more excited?? The kids or Mr. Burns!


LauraC said...

This was our weekend plan! Until Nate got a fever!

And I can't help but hear Will Smith's SUMMERTIME song in my head looking at those pics!

Bert Bell said...

Bittersweet weekend, goodbye spring hello summer. Spring is my favorite time of year, everything is new and fresh and cooler then summer yet still warmer then winter.

I was bored with my cooking and checked out Haute Plates. I tried the Honey Lime Chicken and it was a hit at Pastors' house...aka my neighbors! I did do one thing different though, instead of just putting the mustard mixture on both sides of the chicken and then immediately broiling it...I threw all the mustard mixture ingredients in a Ziploc bag, mushed all ingredients together and then put in the chicken breasts and basically marinated them while I was at church. Every bit was tender, juicy and delicious. Hubby doesn't like mustard and I was a bit apprehensive telling him the ingredients, but HE LIKE IT and has asked that I file the recipe and use it again. I will definately be checking out your menus and taking the liberty of using a few more of them. Thanks!

Tonya said...

your calligraphy is BEAUTIFUL...love all creative things you have going on...



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