Monday, May 11, 2009

Too Tired

What a fun weekend! Jam packed...and I'm exhasted. Friday night I got only 3 hours sleep. Working on party details till1 and then back awake at 4 to finish up. Then I proceeded to party around the clock...literally! Staying up for the next 24 hours straight. So I am too exhausted, but it was totally worth it. I've yet to upload and edit all the pics but these are a few from my phone.

Me, ready for my Very Important Date

Centerpieces, my sister in law Adrie made them!

Tea Time!....Don't you love all the vibrant colors?!

Time to get "Appropriately Inappropriate"

Kate's Dirty Girls...the lap dance class was a blast!

Me and Katherine ready for dinner. Cucumber Mint martinis were yummy!

Swingin' in the hammock while Daddy and Papa BBQ'd a fabulous Mother's Day dinner!

The Tea Party came together exactly as I has envisioned and I was giddy by the time it started. I couldn't have made it all work without the help of my mom and sister in law.

The bachelorette festivities were a blast and I think my sister felt extremely loved and spoiled. It was fun to get to know my sister's girlfriends. She is blessed with some amazing, grounded, sweet, generous ladies and that makes me so happy!

It was also fun to come home on Sunday to a sparkling clean house, red roses, BBQ dinner, and bear hugs from my 3. Munchie ran across the living room and jumped into my arms - almost knocking me down. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Being a Mother is truly one of my sweetest blessings.

Huge props go to my Mateo who supported my crazy, manic, party planning self all weekend. He took care of the kids, washed my baking dishes, loaded and unloaded my car numerous times, went to the grocery store at 1am for a forgotten ingredient, and rallied around me with hugs, kind words, and man power when I had a mini nervous breakdown halfway thru Saturday's events. I love you Baby! You are so good to me.

I'll try and get the rest of the pictures posted later today.


LauraC said...

Happy mother's day to a very amazing mother, woman, sister, and friend! You are truly an inspiration to me and I'm so glad I've gotten to know you!

~love said...

so much fun! glad you had such a great time w/ your sis! =)

Anonymous said...

I was more than spoiled! I can't believe how fast the weekend went and I loved every minute of it. You've out done yourself again - seriously! Love you very much!!

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