Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy Monday!

Robert Pattinson Pictures: Robert Pattinson On the Set of New Movie

I'm too busy having an affair with my new shoes to blog. At the end of my two miles this morning, Lance Armstong came on my iPod and said "Congratulations! You just recorded a new personal best for the mile!" Made me so happy I ran another. Seriously, if you these shoes! They are magic.

Wonder how many more miles I would run if RPatz came on and said that?....Probably none, cause I'd faint.


Joanna said...

Ok, that last line made me laugh...

And, I'm still laughing.

~love said...

i need some of your inspiration lately. i haven't worked out in almost 2 weeks!! yuck.

and come over and sip some drinks by the waterfall, you say??!

you (and your family) are ALWAYS welcome here....seriously. =)

Joanna said...

Seriously? It's Tuesday. Did you faint, or something?

Alisha Whitfield said...

First off well done for running another mile. Second if he came on my ipod I can promise you that you wouldnt be the only fainting woman in the world. He is a hottie!!


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