Thursday, June 04, 2009

Leaving On A Jet Plane

I leave for CHICAGO tomorrow at 6am. It's presently 3:30pm and I've yet to start packing. So typical. I honestly can't remember a time (in my whole life) that I've ever had anything done early. Procrastination should be my middle name. Maybe my First name! I still hope to pick up my white pants from the dry cleaners, get a pedicure, and make it to Borders to buy a new book for the plane. Oh yeah - and finish the laundry, make dinner, blow out my hair, and deep soak the garden. (Then if it gets forgotten all weekend, I wont freak!) My mom and I are visiting my sister for the weekend. We've got dress fittings, dinner reservations, tickets to a show and two bridal showers to attend. I am looking forward to the Mother/Daughter/Sister time!

A quick sneak peek of wedding details. The girls' flower girl dresses have a big brown sash that wraps around the middle and ties in the back. I'm not a big fan of bows, however. So I bought these from Julie at Joy's Hope to sit on their middle back, instead of the bows.

How. Stinkin'. Cute.

She calls them Messy Flowers. You can choose to have them be a brooch, headband, infant headband or hair clip. And they come in all sorts of fantabulous color combinations! You want one, Don't you? GO HERE.

M'kay - enough blogging. Time to get serious about this traveling thing.


~love said...

yeah, totally just went and bought one of those headbands. too cute!

sounds like a great weekend....enjoy!!=)

what show are you going to?? we're taking the "big" girls to mary poppins in july. =)

Joanna said...

Enough already, Blog! Eager to hear about Chicago. (Droveby your house this afternoon and saw you. Mom was over.) I assume you've recouped and are back in the swing of things?

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