Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Only in Wisconsin

(Mars Cheese Castle, Kenosha, Wisconsin)

Whirlwind trip to see Kate was perfect. Nonstop busy...but perfect! I've decided I love big city life (at least with good weather and sans munchkins) The public transportation, the high rise living, the multitude of yummy cultural eateries. So fun. So Not Newport.

Went to Kate's dress fitting. No words other than the pictures I had previously seen didn't do the dress justice. And off the hanger and onto her bod...breathtaking. She's going to be the prettiest Bride I've ever seen. Went to Mass Sunday morning. Also the prettiest church I've ever seen. It's going to be a stunning event. A beautiful day!

I tried my first cheese curd (they squeek when you eat em!), enjoyed more than my fair share of Cheese Kringle, and learned that I could eat my weight in Lamb Schwarma with hummus and feta. I was also blessed to finally put faces to names and friendships I've made with this blog. Ellen, Harriet, and Barb it was so fun to meet you! You are each more wonderful in person. My sister is truly blessed to be joining such a loving family.

Closest I've ever come to missing a flight was on our way home! Monday morning came fast with snack and share day, 5 kids, and the ever lovin' laundry pile. Monday evening closed with Munchie swallowing a nickel. Fabulous! So good to be home!! I was sorta a slacker in the photography department. It was fun to just enjoy every minute without worrying about documenting it. More detailed post of our fun later today. Right now I must hit the treadmill while my 2 littlest take morning naps!!


LauraC said...

I love cheese curds! I actually first ate them at the SF farmers market and they were my weekly lunch, along with a baguette and fresh tomatoes.

City living is AWESOME for non-kid years. I'm so glad Jon and I got time to live in Chicago pre-kids. Now I would not want to live there!

Baby Mama said...

glad you are back!! i cant wait to hear more about it :)

~love said...

yes, totally great w/ good weather and without kiddos!!
and okay, wait....you met up w/ blog buddies while here?!?!

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