Friday, June 26, 2009

Vacation Bible School

Today is the last day of VBS. The girls have had such a fun time at SON Rock Camp! All week they've walked around the house shouting "I'm a V-I-P for G-O-D!" This picture makes my heart swell.


ElizabethE said...


Professor Springer said...

Did Rob Biagi do your music...we LOVE him! (JOY)

Erin said...

YES! Rob did our music all week. He rocks!! Megan got to be up on his shoulders at the end of worship today...she was on cloud NINE! Felt so special.

SO looking forward to the 25th!! XOXO

(PS - I giggle every time I see "Professor Springer" You're such a stud.)

LACY said...

Love it!
I am dying over those purse cookies, so cute!
We had so much fun seeing you guys!

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