Thursday, June 11, 2009


That's the best way I can describe my weekend in Chicago. Whirlwind. We arrived Friday about 2 and caught the Blue Line to downtown. Kath picked us up and we went to her apartment long enough to get settled and change for the night's festivities. Then we headed to her dress fitting.

Let me first say that I loved my wedding dress. I still do. It was me to a T. But Kate's dress just might be my favorite. It's stunning. I have never seen a dress fit someone's style, personality, and body as well as this dress! Katherine has a way of making a big statement all the while, being understated. She strikes just the right note - balancing fashion with simplicity, clean lines with curves, elegance with frivolity. Her dress is no exception. When put altogether - with her shoes, jewelry, hair,'s quite a sight. I did take pictures, but I promised I wouldn't post them. I wanted my dress to be a surprise for Matt and I know how Kate feels. Have to wait until July 17th!

After the fitting we went to The Publican for dinner. Fun atmosphere, interesting menu.

Mom and I hadn't eaten since before we boarded the we went a little hog wild when ordering (pun intended :-) The three of us indulged in Wine, Beer, House Oysters, Ham with Goat butter and bread, Daily Pickles, Salt Cod (best thing we ate!) Baby Leeks, Asparagus with Grits and hazelnuts, Roasted Chicken, and Pork Country Ribs! Actually we took most of the Chicken and Ribs home because we were running late for the show and our eyes had been way larger than our stomachs when we ordered!

With not a minute to spare (literally, the chimes were ringing as we jumped out of the cab) we arrived at the Cadillac theatre for the Broadway production of Mary Poppins.

(These two pics from my phone almost got me kicked out of the theatre. I was just trying to document how gorgeous the ceiling was! But you'll have to visit in person to truly appreciate because No photography is allowed! And they mean business.)

I have a soft spot in my heart for Miss Practically Perfect since I played the lead in my school play in the 6th grade. (I'm gonna have to find those pics!) Mom bought awesome seats, and the show was very fun. Lively, with awesome set design and colorful costumes. Mary had an amazing voice - come to find out she was the original Broadway Mary, as well as Belle in Beauty and the Beast. And the children who played Jane and Michael were great too. Only distracting part of the night was our leftovers sitting in the take out bag below me. Every few minutes I'd catch a whiff and think "OMG - the entire orchestra section thinks I bathe in Bacon!"

Saturday morning came early, since we had stayed up chatting the night before. (And since my body felt like it should be 2 hours earlier than it was!) The plan had been to wake and run on Lake Shore Drive. SHOCKER! That didn't happen. Instead we scrambled some eggs and then played "How many Gregg Girls can get ready in one tiny bathroom at once?!" Answer - all of three of us! Paul was impressed. Let me insert here that I miss my sister for many reasons. But one big reason is her accessories. She has the best selection of necklaces, fun rings, shoes (oh! the shoes!) And to rub it all in - everything is neatly in it's place. Easy to ooggle, try on, and abscond. Loving the red necklace I scored on Saturday.

We hit the road for Milwaukee, where Paul's parents live and Saturday's Bridal shower was held. This shower was hosted by Nancy's (Paul's Mom) longtime girlfriend, Ellen. Ellen reads this blog and we've exchanged emails so it was fun for me to meet her. The biggest thing I noticed at this shower was the love these women had for Nancy and all the Suberlaks - including Katherine. It makes me so happy to know Katherine is joining such a fun, loving, supportive family. The party had a Purse theme in which Ellen really went all out.

Purse place cards
Purse napkin rings and Purse centerpieces

And the CUTEST Purse cookies you have ever seen!
Frosted to look like Coach and Louis Vuitton.
Towards the end of the shower, Paul arrived to help cart home the goods and all the ladies swooned. I couldn't help but notice, he brought with him a presence that gave Katherine a new sense of calm. Like even though all the eyes were on her, with him by her side, she felt more comfortable. Her smile also immediately widened. Super cute.
After the shower we drove back to Chicago, picking up take out on our way home. We changed into our jammies and stuffed ourselves with yummy Mediterranean food. Then we brainstormed how to put Katherine's place card vision into action and watched the fireworks over Navy Pier from the couch. Does city life get better than this?

Sunday morning we went out to breakfast and then to Mass at Kate & Paul's church, St. Michaels. I had seen the outside before...but the inside is amazing. I sat there trying to take it all in and noticed the center aisle. Over 150 feet long. I leaned over and whispered to Kate "Do you walk down this whole thing!?" She just smiled, nodded, and added "You do too!" I may go first, but she has it way harder than me. She'll have a teary Daddy on her arm for 150+ feet! Trust me, I only had about 50 to go, and we were both blubbering fools!

After Mass, we went to a shower hosted by Paul's Aunts at a restaurant in the city. Again, it was fun for me to put faces to the names I have gotten to know thru this blog. It made me smile to meet Harriet for the first time and want to immediately hug her, having a 100 things to talk about! It also made me smile to see some of Paul's family in action. They reminded me a lot of my own. Loud, fun, generous, welcoming, and more than capable of having a good time.

(Katherine, Aunt Harriet, Aunt Barb, Me)

My favorite parts of this shower (besides the company) were the dessert and the favors. The dessert was called "Junk Food Carts." Mini silver grocery carts lined with Chicago newsprint and filled with tasty treats. Homemade oreos, M&M cookies, Mexican wedding cakes, brownies....YUM!

The favor was a bottle of "Lake Shore Drive Seasoning" from the Spice House. (Kate & Paul live on Lake Shore Drive) The label was personalized with their names and wedding date and read "Chives, Scallions, and green pepper emulate the greenery of the parks all along Lake Shore Drive on a warm, sunny day. Blended with tasty shallots for a seasoning excellent for fish, vegetables, omelets, chicken salad or chip dip." How cute is that?!

After the shower we quick changed, grabbed our luggage and raced to the Blue Line back to O'Hare. I've never missed a flight before. Never even been close. Our flight left at 6:50pm. We got to the gate at 6:49!! After a serious scolding from the flight attendant (she literally YELLED at me and told me our tardiness was "Entirely Unacceptable!") she slammed the gate shut as we walked thru and I overheard her tell the lady at the counter "Burns and Gregg are here. The other two are NOT getting on!" I guess there were two other tardy passengers who were not as lucky as us! All things considered - with how jam packed our weekend was - it went off without any major hiccups and I had a blast. Just 5 short weeks and we'll be back for the celebration of the year (at least in our family!) Can't wait.

PS - Ellen...Molly sleeps with her purses.
You know that girl all too well!

PSS - Favorite thing about plane rides: I finished two books! Both entertaining reads. Olive Kitterage and Belong To Me. And even with these great reads, I still couldn't resist buying this in the terminal.

I somehow managed to find time to read it (as in the first 5 minutes after departure!)


LauraC said...

Sounds like an amazing trip!!!
Now I am a huge feminist and care so much about peoples' insides but I do have to say all the word you have been doing on your outsides is paying off bc you look SMOKIN HOT WOMAN! In that black dress you look BA BAM.

Joanna said...

Laura, that was a funny comment. I could hear you talking through it.
Erin, I loved reading this post. I feel like I went away for a 2-minute mental vacation with you!

~love said...

so much fun!!

and seriously, that flight attendant?! yes, i was TRYING to be disrespectful and totally ruin your day. {find some joy...and grace, lady!!}

can't wait to see mary poppins next month...glad to hear it was good! =)

i wanna visit kate's accessory stash, too! gotta love fun, unique AND organized! =)

britty said...

YOU LOKK AWESOME!!!!! i'm so inspired. and i have missed a flight.....because of the flight attendant! i didn't yell at her, but she deserved it. sounds like a fun trip!

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