Friday, July 31, 2009

All About the Food

Why else do you go to the Fair? I guess "People Watching" is in the race. And maybe the Ginormous Ferris Wheel...but definitely both are running a distant second.

It's all about the Food, people!
French Fries

The fries just to the left of this picture were covered in chili and hot, creamy cheese that I'm sure came out of a can. Washed down with my first ice cold Diet Coke in over a week...they were momentarily, my own little greasy, cardboard box full of Heaven!

Soft Serve

Raspberry Blue Icee

and Popcorn

We usually partake in the cotton candy, corndogs, churros, and 1/2 pound cinnamon rolls too....but this incredibly shrinking, running my butt off, counting every low fat-high protein calorie Mama held fast to her resolve and resisted the temptation(s)!

Luckily I had three cute kids, all having a blast, to keep me distracted.

AND a new toy to play with! Kate got me a Flip as a "Thank You" for being her Matron of Honor. It pretty much rocks my socks off! More on why I love it even more than Chili Cheese Fries later...for now, just take the clips below as evidence of it's awesomeness!

I would have never captured this before the Flip.

And there's no way in HECK, Mateo would've captured me doing this!

(PLUS...every single pic in this post I captured as a still from Flip video footage! Yep - I'm not gonna be wearing socks for awhile.)


Brooke said... look so great! The fair was fun and I love the people watching as well. I want a flip, my friend at work has one.

Jennifer said...

I second Brooke's comment...Erin, you look FABULOUS!

mysteryhistorymom said...

What a fun time! Yes, the food alone is worth the trip.:) Lori

~love said...

so fun!!
totally went to the fair this week for the food! =)

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