Sunday, August 02, 2009


Megan had a blast today! She is a very blessed and loved little SIX year old! I have lots of pics to share of the Pink Pirate Pandemonium. There was sword decorating, treasure hunting, pinata cracking, pizza eating, present opening, candle blowing, and cupcake enjoying.

I got her skirt finished with minutes to spare and my needle broke off in the denim right as I completed the very last stitch! It turned out really cute. I used an old pair of her jeans she had grown too tall for. (I got this idea from Julie of Joy's Hope!) Megan loved it...which is what made me the most happy.

Now it's 1:33am and this Pirate Mama's ship has officially run ashore. I'm soooo tired! Full Party Post will have to wait until Monday. For now, I must be off to bed....or I'm afraid in the morning it will be "Off With Me Head!"

Yo Ho.


Polka Dot Moon said...

What a fun Pirate Momma you are!! The look on her face says it all! What a cutie :)


Heather said...

Ahhh! Love it!

Bert Bell said...

Happy Belated Ms. Megan! Bravo & props mom on recycling the old jeans...the skirt turned out cute!!! Love the hat...ditch the eye patch though...doesn't work for ya! ;o)

Libby said...

Can't wait for the rest of the pics. The skirt is ADORABLE... wish I had girls!

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