Monday, July 20, 2009

Home Again Home Again

We made it home about 8 o'clock last night. After Del Taco for dinner, the kids and I were in bed by 8:51, exhausted! But it was a feel good tired, because we had so much fun these past few days.

When I told my sister how many pictures I took the day of the wedding (356), she said "That's going to be one messy blog!" Ha! She's probably right...but before that happens, I must upload and edit. And before those two things happen - it is back to reality. Daycare kids, laundry, swim lessons, unpacking, EXERCISING! So somewhere in the middle of all that today, I hope to get this blog messied up with wedding day fabulousness!


Jacylann Nix said...

glad you made it home safe! I cant wait to see pics!

Bert Bell said...

welcome home. glad to see you all had fun. praying you get back into your routine with little or no extra effort or problems!

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