Tuesday, July 21, 2009


The Big Day started a little after 6 with a run to the bagel store and then off to hair appointments. It was just me and Katherine in the otherwise vacant salon. It was a fun, quiet, meaningful way to start the day. I really enjoyed this time alone with my sister on the biggest day of her life. We gossiped, laughed about our crazy family, remembered old times, and told each other the God's honest truth whether or not our hair looked good! As our appointments were finishing, the salon filled up with Paul's mom, his brother's girlfriend, our sister in law, and our brother's girlfriend. The hustle and bustle and sound of girlie chatter as we all got glamorous really made it feel official. The Wedding Day was HERE!

After our appointments we headed back to Mom & Dad's part of The Biddle House to finish getting ready. It was Gregg Family Grand Central Station with all 13 of us there doing finishing touches. Charlie ironing dress shirts, Megan & Molly getting their hair set in sponge rollers, Andy running to fix Adrie's broken heel, Alyssa sharing her make-up brushes and expertise, Mom making sure everyone was fed and where they were supposed to be, Dad wondering if he was where he was supposed to be, Aunt Sally receiving the bouquets and boutonnieres, The Bride remaining cool as a cucumber, Matt documenting the moments on still and live film, and Munchie bouncing around being cute in the middle of it all.

Somewhere in there, the photographer showed up, Jane delivered yummy lunch (Katherine, you have awesome girlfriends!) and The Dress came out of hiding. Curls were let down, waterproof mascara applied, and ties were tied. Corsages were passed out, Spanx squeezed into, and Aerosol hair spray let loose like it was 1988. The one lone toilet flushed for the 100th time, bells at St. Mike's rang out 12 Noon, and everyone felt a hint of butterflies.

This may sound like pandemonium to you. All 13 of us getting ready in one small apartment, with one bathroom, one mirror, one common area. But it was exactly how we like it and I thought it was perfect. I loved that all of us were together that morning with Kate. All of us together bumping into, making fun of, and helping one another. All of us together creating happy, busy, LOUD Gregg Family memories (the only kind we know how to make!) PreGame was awesome. I will never forget it. But now it was time for The Reveal....stay tuned!

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~love said...

your family rules. =)

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