Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Seriously, Kid?!

We've been spending LOTS of time in our kiddie pool lately. Wyatt is in LOVE with it. This morning as I was making breakfast, he came into the kitchen after stripping himself butt naked, and started pounding on the back door. "Pool, Mommy! Outside! Now! I go pool!" He scarfed down his eggs (still naked at the table) and was outside splashing by 8AM.

Coming out of the pool has become a battle. Especially at nap time. Our routine usually goes something like this: "Come on Wy. It's sleepy time. We can play outside in the pool again later, after you wake up." He turns to look my way with an expression on his face that basically says "No Thanks, Mom. I'm good." I holler out a few more sweet requests as I finish cleaning up lunch. He hollers back with a bunch of NO's! Finally I'm done being nice, and issue my final serious toned ORDER that includes a countdown. We engage in a stare off. He begins to smirk. My eyes widen and brows raise as I get to the #3. Smirk grows into full blown laughing. Amused and seriously annoyed, I march over to the pool and forcefully walk him inside and thru the motions of getting ready for bed. All the while he smiles and sing-songs in my face "Hi Mommy! Love you, Mommy! I funny, Mommy!"


After this routine yesterday, I had changed him into a dry daiper and decided to leave him just that, as it was so hot. I set him down and told him to go find his blanket while I got his milk ready. Not 2 minutes later, I walked into his room, fully expecting to find him sitting in the rocking chair with his blanket (which is where he usually goes when I make his milk!) But no. No Munchie in the rocking chair. No Munchie in the living room. No Munchie in the bathroom. No Munchie in my room. No Munchie hiding in the closet. I even went and checked the kitchen, even though I had just been in there. But no, No Munchie in the Kitchen.

That's when it hit me. My teeth clenched, my eyes narrowed and I headed for the backyard. Guess who I found?

Just lounging like this?!
Smiling at me?!

Obviously, I immediately yanked him out of the pool and gave him a huge punishment for so blatantly disobeying and frustrating me!

Yeah right. I laughed, shook my head and ran for my camera.

Munchie may be a stinker, but his Mama is a SUCKER!
(and I think he knows it!)


Avery's mom said...

That made me laugh out loud!!!

Bren's Blog said...

Omg, that is too cute Erin! That made me laugh out loud too. It's amazing the things our kids can do, they get us all worked up and mad, then they pull something cute, and you just can't resist to give in once in awhile. Thanks for sharing that cute story.

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