Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Toothy Upstage

I know you're probably here hoping for more pics of our "Chicago Wedding Week Celebration of the Year Extravagantastic Gregg Suberlak Family Event"....but I must disappoint. And I hate to do that. But tonight after our practice session at St. Mike's...something even BIGGER than Kate & Paul occurred. When you see the smile on MJ's face, you'll be able to tell how off the charts excited she was that this event happened and I would be remiss as a Mother if I did not document this milestone.

"Hey Mom, does the Tooth Fairy come to Chicago?"

To see her this happy makes my heart almost hurt with the LOVE that I have for this child, my first born. I feel a complete and overwhelming sense of perfection and peace in this simple, fleeting moment. Oh, so fleeting! My heart also almost hurts with how fast she is here...loosing her second tooth and fully a KID. No longer a baby.

Megan's tooth started to wiggle a wee bit about a week ago. Before we left on our trip, she was eating a rock candy sucker and bit down, forgetting about her loose tooth. After that it was wiggling A LOT! For the past two days she's been playing with it and showing it's wobbly, hanging by a thread self to anyone who had a strong enough stomach to look. Tonight at the rehearsal, she was showing it off to Uncle Andy and all he did was touch it (actually he said he wasn't even sure he DID touch it) and it fell out!

We all cheered and adequately "oohh! and aahh'd!" while Megan happily hollered and danced all around the front steps of the church. I took a few pictures and gave her a big hug. Then we went back to our rehearsal duties. There was a big group picture, some exchange of directions to the restaurant, then a Burns Family picture....

After which, Megan all of a sudden says,

"Mom, I was holding my tooth right here in my fingers, and then I couldn't feel it anymore!"

WHAT?! Oh, sweet child. Are you kidding me? Is this a joke? Do you think this is what is supposed to happen when you lose a tooth? (Because I have a distinct memory of this happening before.) Have I not explained that LOSE is a metaphor for that cute little white thing no longer being in your mouth? It does NOT mean the tooth is all together GONE for good!

Oh well...It's a good thing your Momma is in tight with the Tooth Fairy. Not only does she travel to Chicago on a minutes notice, but she even leaves $ when there is no tooth under the pillow! Even every week when Kate & Paul go to Mass, they can smile and laugh knowing there will always be always be a piece of Megan outside St. Mike's! I love you MJ. You are going to be the cutest little toothless Flower Girl the world has ever seen.

OKAY - so I'm a sucker. Here's a few (non tooth related) pics from tonight's festivities.

Me and my girls
(looking certifiably awesome in their handmade ittybritty dresses!)

Here Comes the (rehearsing) Bride!
(Isn't our proud Daddy the cutest? I {heart} him silly so.)

Remember when I told you that St. Mike's was quite possibly the prettiest church I have ever seen?
(a smidge of evidence...more to come.)

"If your last name is Gregg or Suberlak (or ever once was, or could ever possibly future be) raise your hand! ...No wait, put your hands down...just SMILE!"
(how did our baby brother land such a hot girlfriend {& keep her for the past 3 years}...that's what we really want to know!)

Burns Party of Five Cleans Up Real Nice
(check out my & MJ's hair and you'll understand why Chicago is nicknamed the Windy City!)

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Francis Suberlak
(in less than 12 hours!)

(Anyone who can rock a Seersucker suit and Madras tie like this earns my fashion forward sister's hand in marriage any day!)

Maton of Honor & Bride
(is it just me, or is "Matron" a really icky word?)

Gregg Party of Four
(Yes...I buy my blond. So kill me.)

I will do my best to tweet pics of the awesomeness that is tomorrow (so go follow if you want to party voyeuristically!) Someone might have to rescue me from drowning in my own tears, however. When you cry within the first 10 words of Father Richard's rehearsal welcome, you know you are in trouble! Wish me well.


Jacylann Nix said...

YAY! being a tooth fairy is always fun! & you have a beautiful family!

LauraC said...

Look at that happy happy little girl! YAY Megan!

Lovely lovely photos and I must know where you got that dress bc it is gorgeous!

LauraC said...

(And tell your sister those are some ROCKING shoes!)

erin said...

You and your family are adorable :)

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