Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I swear. I'm trying to blog.
But tell me, HONESTLY.
Could you get anything done with this kid smiling at you all day? neither.
I have to spend my time thinking of new ways NOT to eat him up.

I have to get especially creative when I'm blasting my Power Song (and folding laundry) in my room and he runs in saying "Miley Cyrus! Miley Cyrus! Party SA, Mom!" Think I've played this song enough times in the past week?? My 23 mo old knows the words! He also knows his Momma is totally Looney Tunes.

Don't fret too much. I'm not completely jading him. We talk about Macho stuff too. You can't get more manly than Pirates and Superheroes, right? His "Yo Ho" bit slays me. I ask him to do it at least 50 times a day.

And besides, real Men love Miley. Just probably not as much as me. How lucky am I to be blessed with rockstar girlfriends who indulge me and my issues? One of whom works with the girlfriend of the guitar player in Miley's band. She sent me these up close pics from a recent concert. rock my world!

On a side all of you who've asked me if I'm worried about my girls looking up to Miley after her performance at the Teen Choice awards (you can see it on YouTube if you haven't already)'s my answer.

Yes, her shorts were a little short. But visit any mall or beach in a 10 mile radius and teens are wearing WAY LESS! In my opinion, this isn’t pole dancing. She crouched down once. She never danced with the pole. This is leaning down while holding a pole to steady herself so she doesn’t fall off. Really, if I were trying to sing and dance while atop a moving ice cream cart, I’d be holding onto that pole as well! I wonder....If it weren't Miley, but some nameless backup dancer doing the same thing, would anybody have taken notice? If she'd gotten her start anyplace other than Disney, would this move have stood out? Had there not been a pole atop the cart, would people still consider her performance "racy and provocative"? The girl is 16 years old, lives with her still married parents, and continually talks about her faith. She has more self confidence than most 30 something women I know. I can think of 100 other worse people my girls could look up to! And while they may enjoy her, I would never expect a celebrity to be a "role model" for my children. That is my job!

So yes. I'm 33 and Miley, I think you're the cutest thing ever. Listen to your Dad and ignore the haters. Maybe I'll take up pole dancing in show of support. Either way, it's a Party in the USA here in the Burns household!

"And a Miley song was on....a Miley song was I put my hands up!"


PamperingBeki said...

LOOVE it! So stinking cute!

Bert Bell said...

I am so lucky he isn't my son...I wouldn't get a thing done! He is such a cutie!! I love the Yo Ho HO! As for Miley...I agree...there are totally worse roll models out there who's name's I won't mention but their initials are Jessica Simpson, Brittany Spears, etc.

Keep listening to the music your kids do. It's the only way to ensure they are not listening to stuff that rots their brains. Some of it is actually good. I am 45 and I have been known to watch Hannah Montana on Disney myself. Nothing wrong with it...matter of fact I think that is how I stay young! Many hugs, many prayers, double blessings! Hugs

Haus of Girls said...

CUTE!!!!!!!!! I love that song! Thanks for introducing it to me :) I am a little slow in keeping up with the new ones.... my 5 year old fills me in every once in awhile but now that she's in school I am on my own! All your input on hip new songs is gladly welcomed! Talk soon!

LauraC said...

Hey Erin, I keep meaning to come back here and respectfully disagree with your thoughts on Mileygate (ha ha!).

I have a serious issue with teens glamorizing stripping. I believe what it teaches our girls is that society values girls' BODIES over their minds. And as much as we can teach values at home, study after study has shown that peers influence children more than parents do as the children age. So while your girls may learn these lessons from you, if the girls at school thinking stripping is cool, this is what our society learns as a whole.

And really, the whole stripping thing is degrading. Horrible degrading. Women taking off their clothes to be ogled by men for money. Men looking at women as objects. Philosophically we can say they are admiring beautiful bodied but unfortunately someone I love very much took to stripping to make ends meet in a very dire situation (left her abusive husband and had to raise her daughter on her own) and it forever changed my opinion on this topic. SHe was treated horrible, manhandled, and that is how all the strippers are treated.

Anyway Miley could have left out the pole stuff and still had a strong performance. And while she can do whatever she wants and has confidence, until we as parents stand up and say we will not support those who glamorize the objectification of stripping, it will continue. It is a slippery slope.

I know I can write this and disagree and it won't change anything about our friendship. But it does provide a good opportunity to talk to kids about what is good/bad/right/wrong.

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