Thursday, August 20, 2009


I couldn't help but smirk inside when my Mother chastised me two days in a row this week. The same Mother who used to tell me my blog was TMI and I shouldn't put my thoughts and pictures (especially those of my children) out there for just ANYONE on the whole World Wide Web to see!....gave me the following response when I called to invite her over for lunch yesterday,

"Um...What's going on? Is everything OK? I've read Friday's post like 5 times now. Why aren't you blogging?"

And then today, when she stopped by after work,

"If I have to look at that vampire's picture one more day...Please blog."

Apparently she wasn't the only one worried (or slightly annoyed) because many more of you checked in on me! Talk about flattering.

I'm not dead. Nothing is wrong. Shut down the presses. Call off the dogs.

I've just been enjoying these last few days of Summer with Matt and the kids and leaving all the techie stuff behind. This past week, we've been beaching, pooling, paddleboarding, slip n' sliding, water ballooning, bike riding, and BBQing.

Megan has been Cheering. This summer is the first year she's old enough to attend Newport's Jr. Cheer Camp and she's loving it! Her performance is tomorrow and she's very excited.

Molly has been Cartwheeling. Her teacher commented on how fast Molly was coming along and I told her it was thanks to healthy sibling competition. She hates to think Megan can do something she can't! Both girls finished another session of gymnastics and have been moved up again. Megan to the "by instructor invite only" class!

Munchie has been Hamming. As in - "It Up!" The stuff that's been pouring out of his mouth lately keeps us in stitches all day. He fully enjoys the attention being a Silly Billy brings. The kid even tells his own "Knock Knock" jokes now. They make absolutely no sense...but he makes you go through the steps and delivers the punchline with such authority.

(Just in case you were worried about Munchie and his Metro panties....don't fret. He has a super nice Grammie who ran right out and bought him some very MACHO Super Hero underpants right after she saw that post! He now knows by name, "Piderman," "Hullllk," "Wolveeeeen," and "CapMerica." I'm gonna have to get him saying the names on the Flip. It makes my heart giggle.)

And so...rather haphazardly...Munchie has been Training. It's totally early. He's not even 2 for another month. But everyday, about an hour after I get him dressed, he comes to me and says "Diaper off, Mom! I want Piderman!" So I've been letting him wear the underpants during the day and we bought a new training potty that looks like a frog (because our old one was a pink Princess throne that magically chimed when you went!) He strips naked and sits on it 10 times a day....but no luck yet. He does, however, eagerly jump and cheer for "Neminems" after each attempt. Do you reward a pee pee-less pottier? I do.

As for me? I think I'm the one who's been Training. I now sucessfully know how to clean up M&M drool and pee-pee oopsies from my carpet.

And I've been Giving....tomatoes to every and anyone who comes to our house. Yesterday Molly picked 4 pounds worth! Since I'm the only one who eats them around here, this almost daily occurence is getting a little obscene.

I've also been Contemplating. Last night on my run, I thought about this long hiatus from the virtual world (6 days of no Blog, Email, Twitter or Facebook! that I didn't mean to have just sorta did. It used to be I'd let nothing get in the way of blogging. It also used to be I'd workout about once every....NEVER. Now it's become I let nothing get in the way of my running. Only 8 lbs away from my pre-MEGAN-pregnancy weight. I even bought a pair of skinny jeans last weekend =)

So, in closing, I want to THANK all of you who let me know that I was missed! Yes Mom. Even you. (Especially you!) It feels good to know all the time I invest here makes more than just me happy. It also feels good however, to be fit and strong again (and able to wear all my old clothes!) So forgive me if from here on out I'm not as regular at posting as I used to be. Those late night "ME time" hours I used to use to read blogs and post to my own, seem to be rapidly disappearing. Once I'm done with the kids bedtimes and then my old Insomniac self is no where to be found.

Actually, I can hear her. Calling to me from somewhere far back inside my heavy brain. "BLOG!" she says. "EDIT PICTURES!" she says. "YOU HAVE 9 TIVO'D Y&R's TO WATCH!" she says. But then my exhausted, sweaty self chimes in. "SHOWER!" she says. "GO TO BED!" she says. "YOU GET TO DO THIS ALL OVER AGAIN TOMORROW!" she says. That last statement is about all it takes for me to slam the door in Insomniac's face.

So 1:39am, seems like a good enough time as any for the following introduction.

"Exercising Erin, meet Blogging Erin. You are both here to find a way to get along and be productive. OCD Erin wont accept anything less. Oh, and BTW - Insomniac Erin (who morphs into MeanMommy Erin around 6am) is not invited to this party after tonight. She's been black balled by NoMoreExcuses Erin and there is really no arguing with her."

Till I blog again....Sweet Dreams.


Polka Dot Moon said...

You are the incredible shrinking woman!!

Glad to hear that you're enjoying life and not hooked up to the tech world :) It can take over if you let it!!

I watch Y & R when I can too.......the Adam, Crazy Ashley story is gettin' old. Thought Vic was a smart man!


Anonymous said...

You have been VERY missed!!

Bert Bell said...

I must confess, I wasn't too worried about nothing on the blog for 2 reasons:

#1 - I know Matt is a teacher and the school year was gearing up. I figured you were doing exactly what you blogged you were doing. Enjoying time with the family before all the hustle and bustle of kids & husband in school started all over again.

#2 - I wasn't checking and I didn't know! I know the horror of it all! I myself have been busy getting my home ready for my red headed stepchild (sweet 15 yr old son) to move in. He really is a red head and I love him bunches!

Glad to hear you are finding balance and peaceful sleep. Munchie is cute as a bug! Hugs!

LauraC said...

I wasn't worried... I like to take breaks from blogging to think about how much time I want to spend in the real world versus online world. Jamming out a quick post every morning works for me bc it means less time on the computer, but I think we all have to find our balance.

The only thing you missed on my end is that I got a Nike+. But I'm in San Fran right now using it, heading out to Napa in an hour!

Avery's mom said...

Reading your blog is like my virtual morning cup of coffee. I love waking up and reading quality & inspiring material like your blog (NOT the newspaper) to start my day. Your blog always puts a smile on my face or brings me to happy, heartwarming tears.
Sooo yeah...I missed you, but am SO glad you were busy making awesome memories with your famliy! That is priceless!!

Joanna said...

Cute, cute, and cute. BTW, I love your mom.

britty said...

losing weight Erin, can you please talk to needs-to-lose Britain and tell her your secret! you are a maniac and i love it!

~love said...

yes, you were missed here, but so happy that you were enjoying your family and doing things you love. =)

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