Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I'm a Liar, but my kids are CUTE!

I know I promised PPP pics and my "Pay It Forward" reveal would post yesterday, but alas...I'm a liar. I've been ignoring the blog, Twitter and FB and taking advantage of some Hottie Husband Man Power.

Matt's off 24/7 for two weeks and we've got the purge/organize/clean bug going on around here. Yesterday we tackled everyone's closets and dressers and the bathroom cupboards. Late last night we got brave and faced the unknown under our bed, in the junk drawer, and behind the barely closing doors of the "techie" cupboard (where I throw anything having to do with our computers/iPods/cameras/printer/fax/phones/DSL/flat screen/PS3/digital whatzits...remotes, power cords, manuals, thumb drives, disks, USBs, nine different kinds of photo paper, ink cartridges...you get the idea.)

Today, I started on my craft and sewing cupboards. HA! If you don't ever hear from me again, you'll know I suffocated under a million dollar pile of absolutely fabulous (the kind you can't leave the store without buying...even tho you don't YET have a project for it) fabric swatches and a few thousand yards of thread, ric-rac, binding, ribbon, and interfacing.

Blog must wait...if I don't get this all put back together FAST, Mateo is going to start sticking his eyes with embroidery needles. It wont be pretty.

Today you'll just have to be happy with some Schoolyards Bliss.

And I'm sorry, but if that doesn't make you happy...you need something WAY stronger than I can give ya.

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Polka Dot Moon said...

We've been all about the "purge" lately too........seems I'm missing quite a few of my "creative" things too. Hmmmm.......

Enjoy having your hubby around :)

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