Friday, August 14, 2009

Been Busy. I Swear.

I've had no time for the computer this week.
The cleaning and purging have been all encompassing!
I take that back.
Apparently I've had just enough time to find this.
KStew and RPatz going public in Vancouver!

Do you like? I do.
Too bad it's a manipulated fake.
And considering Breaking Dawn is no where near production, I'm pretty sure this one is too.

Denise...I do this for you.
Thanks for faithfully checking in and tweeting even when I fall off the face of the Earth.
(or get buried in the aftermath of Garage bombs!)
Want to see more? GO HERE.
But beware...there are over 5000 pages of pics.
Your blog may suffer!
(at the very least your's presently 2:38am...issues...serious issues!)

Now I'm off to bed without blogging... again.
(cause we all know this post doesn't really count!)

I'm happy to report however, that I can now tell you exactly where and what is in every square inch of my house (and garage) and it's a little ridiculous how good that feels!

Oh yeah - and I ran 6, eleven minute miles on Tuesday. Nike+ says in the last 2 months, I've burned over 15,000 total calories. I wore hot pink booty shorts to bed last night. Too bad there were two sweet smelling Munchies in between me and my snuggle partner.

Last But Not Least...Happiest of Birthdays to my Soul Sista in Florida. When my cup runneth over in frustration at Psycho Red Heads and Dead Cat Talking Lunatics, there are not many people I can turn to! So glad the sweet Lord blessed me with you and all your gracious understanding. Truly Aubs - I love you and the friendship we share so much. I hope today is the beginning of your happiest year yet! CLICK HERE just for was always right for me! =) XOXO


Polka Dot Moon said...

Now I won't get a thing done today!! Thank you my dear for all the fab pics!

I have a little something for you to!

The "banned" New Moon ya go!

Denise :)

{my earring giveaway - shey b's blog!}

Joanna said...

Hi, E. Checking in... Im jealous of your garage and I haven't even seen it yet. It seems as though EVERY ASPECT of your life is in place rigt now. I'm happy for you.

~love said...

ERIN! i came here expecting to catch up on 4 posts!! =)

i'm glad you're busy with your family and organizing and looking all hot.....but i MISS you!!!

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