Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Bigs Times TWO

You may remember I posted about my cousin getting the call up a couple weeks ago. Well yesterday, Munchie got the call up.

Our Little Slugger turned TWO Monday and withing seconds of waking up, I was hit with how much he is a full fledged KID. Bye bye baby league. Hello BIG boy league. Even more than just a week ago. He came to my bedside, talking up a storm. All full sentences, the conversation initiated by him. He said to me, "Hi Mom! You come living room, Mom? Snuggle me, Mom. Come Mom! Wonder Pets save 'Ceritops with the Slip Mud! I watch that, Mom...okay? My Birthday, Mom...okay?! Yeah. I want donuts."

In case you need a translation - "Get the heck out of bed and turn on the Wonder Pets! And even tho I've watched the Triceritops episode 9000 times, it's my birthday....just try and tell me No. PS - donuts ASAP."

And when you are this stinkin' cute...you pretty much get what you want.
 (Especially on your birthday! Especially from your Momma!)

So Wonder Pets save the Triceritops with the Slippery Mud it was. (I can act it out if you're interested) I didn't have any donuts handy however, so I made some Monkey Bread instead. It was yummy! The girls loved it. But Munchie wasn't convinced. He got a dozen donut holes all to his lover self after we dropped the girls off at school. (Me. Double wrapped. Around his finger.)

At the end of the day, we had family over for a Baseball Birthday Bash. Munchie is quite fond of TBall - bats, bases, balls, Home Runs! He will play non-stop in the backyard until the other team (us) forfeits. So the party was a hit.  And he was in HEAVEN when I told him "Go ahead, whatever you want. Eat it. Coke? sure. Licorice? sure. Your weight in onion dip? sure. It's you're birthday." As he walked around the backyard with his own can of Coke, he kept looking at me like, "You said Yes, right?!"

We gorged ourselves on stadium food and had a great time playing with the new tee, bases, balls and bat that were a gift from Grammie and Papa.

I think this kid loves his Papa!!

After dinner we opened presents and had cake. Uncle Charlie gave Wyatt his first set of baseball cards. Every Rookie player's card from 2007, the year Wyatt was born. Uncle Andy and Aunt Adrie gave him some very cool boy tshirts from cc roo. Aunt Kate and Uncle Paul called from Chicago to tell him about his present. They adopted him a jaguar at the Lincoln Park Zoo! He gets a plush one to keep at home and can visit the big cat in real life when we go to Chicago. After presents, it was onto the cake.

Major League Burns Party of 5

I want season tickets for life!
(Wyatt, I'm so glad we drafted you two years ago. Our team wouldn't be complete without you.)


Elle's Mom said...

my hubby will get a total kick out of this party as an ex ball player! he really wants a little boy :-)

Baby Mama said...

AWWW what a big boy he is now!! Arabella is turning two in November and I am not.ready! I know what you mean about not being babies anymore... im like, "when did your legs get so long? when did your cheeks thin out? when did you get almost too big to carry?" wahhhh!!! :) the party looks like a blast! what an awesome mama you are.

Haus of Girls said...

Dying at the cuteness! My dad played professional baseball and had 4 daughters!! So of course me and all my sisters were major leage softball players and I am just loving this party so much! From the biggest baseball fan ever. You are awesome!! And Wyatt is the cutest 2 year old boy E.V.E.R! I want to steal him.

Bert Bell said...

Sounds like Munchie had a wonderful birthday party! Hope you got him to sleep after the coke, licorice, etc! They are cute when they are at that age....but when your back is turned, they grow into teenagers. But I totally agree, I wouldn't trade my redheaded Bubby (what I call my stepson) for any tree in the world! At least that is what I tell him often..."Bubby I wouldn't trade you for a tree!" Hugs

LauraC said...

Happy birthday Wyatt! I can't believe you're already 2! Your mom does such an amazing job each day, I hope you know how lucky you are.

Joanna said...

Very CUTE! I was thinking about you guys all day. Your translation of Wyatt's morning speech made me laugh. :-)

P.S. Your family gives thoughtful gifts! Charlie and Kath especially impressed me.

Cara said...

Happy Birthday Wyatt! I just LOVE the way he uses two hands to hold the Coke good and steady...just to make sure and savor every sugar-filled sip of goodness.

Katherine said...

Birthday wishes from miles away! Looks like you knocked that party out of the park!

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