Monday, September 21, 2009

Crafting Crusaders for Carter

Like I need an excuse to spend money on Etsy...
BUT it's always nice to have a
REALLY good one!

ElleBows and More

One of the first statements in my profile is "I have Ab Fab Girlfriends." Which is very true. But this past week, my faith in the basic goodness of humanity has been restored beyond measure. I think I will be "paying it forward" for a good while.

A few weeks back, when I first got the Carter's Crusader shirts underway, I decided to ask some of my favorite blogging/Etsy seller friends if they'd be willing to come up with something in their shop, that when sold, part of the proceeds would go to Carter's Crusaders.


These are women from all over the nation (and Canada!) whom I have never met other then through the letters on my keyboard. They have come to know Carter first through Bringing Up Burns and now from We Love Carter. But none of them know The Kipps personally. I am blown away by the complete goodness, generosity, and gigantic hearts these "strangers" have extended. And they all do it eagerly, excitedly, energenically.


Several of these sellers have created something inspired by our little superhero himself. From now until the CHOC Walk, on October 18th, these sellers have agreed to donate a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of these items to Carter's Crusaders! Others have agreed to donate a percentage of their store's total sales from now until October 18th. So you can buy ANYTHING in their shop and be helping Children's Hospital Orange County.

It's a no brainer. GO. SHOP. SAVE LIVES.

You can click the Carter's Crusader Button above to link to all sellers shops. You can also see some of them in my Etsy mini below. Please check them out and pass this along to everyone you know!

And when you get a few minutes, visit these women's blogs. Leave them some comment LOVE. Let them know how awesome it is to have Crusaders all over the place supporting Carter in his fight.

Pampering Beki and her SUPER Necklace
Joy's Hope and her CARTER Pretty. Messy. Flower
Polka Dot Moon and her I HEART CARTER earrings
The Paperista and her SUPERHERO BOY invites and SUPERHERO GIRL invites
Nerdnook and his SUPER SHEILD customized rubber stamp
Haus of Girls and her SUPERMAN party favor buckets

Lisa of ElleBows and More is donating 10% of her shop's total sales, from now until Oct 18th.

Haute Tots is as well! I will also be some Carter inspired items listed later today. (I do my best work at naptime!) Also working on putting the button and code you see at the top on my sidebar so you can add it to your website too! It'll take me a few minutes, but it will be up by the afternoon.

Thanks for the support and for spreading the word! Are you an Etsy seller? Want to be a Crafting Crusader too? Just email or convo me. We'll get it all set up!!

PS - Happy Birthday Munchie....TBall party comin' right up!


Bert Bell said...

Happy Birthday Wyatt aka Munchie....may there be plenty of frogs for your pockets and sunshine to romp around in the yard! Many birthday blessings!

Anonymous said...

so much great stuff to buy!!! erin you are in inspiration to me. You are doing such an amazing thing for Carter by organizing this!

Brooke said...

I can't put the Carter button on my blog. It is telling me naughty naughty, no right clicky! What do I do?

mel said...

Happy birthday to Munchie! Now, I am going to shop on etsy for Carter :)

LauraC said...

I love it Erin!! You are amazing!

Kari said...

What a great thing you girls are doing!! WAy to go!

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