Tuesday, September 08, 2009


(I know I'm biased...but this kid is beautiful. Inside and out!)

Quick post this morning because we are BUSY BUSY!! Today is Megan's first day of school. Of KINDERGARTEN!! She's a bit aprehensive as this means a new campus, new teachers, and all new friends. But we've been talking it through all weekend, and last night as she was getting ready for bed she told me,

"I'll be okay, Mom. I wont have any friends tomorrow, but I will make 1 new one each day."

Seriously? I must have been Mother Teresa in a past life to deserve this sweet child and her amazing, BRAVE spirit! Some days I think I learn more from her than she from me.

She's requested Blueberry muffins, scrambled eggs, and yogurt smoothies for breakfast, so I better get off the computer and into the kitchen! Sorry....did that just make you hungry? Me too.

Here's some Munchie to hold you over.

If you lean in real close...he smells like syrup.
I'm gonna go lick him right now!


Anonymous said...

Good luck Megan!!!!! That just brought tears to my eyes, what a brave girl! I wish you guys the BEST of luck and the happiest first day ever...can't believe how fast these kiddos are growing up!

Courtney Norton

Bert Bell said...

Best Wishes Megan. I pray you meet more then 1 friend a day! With your sweet smile and loving personality I am sure you will make many friends.

You, Matt & God surely made some beautiful babies! I resisted the urge to sniff Munchie...maple is one of my favorite scents, second to vanilla! I didn't want to take a bite of this work monitor and have it taken out of my pay...thank God for lunch breaks!

Many hugs & many blessings!

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