Monday, September 07, 2009

Labor of Love

This being Labor Day, I thought it perfect timing to announce the creation of the Carter's Crusaders CHOC Walk webpage! Easiest labor I've ever done is supporting this kid. I can't wait to walk in his honor and raise some $$ to benefit all the little Crusaders CHOC helps.

AND...speaking of labor...Kara is being induced tomorrow! Carter will be a BIG BROTHER in just a matter of hours! Congratulations Kipp family. I can't wait to meet your newest lil man. (Does he know the family he's being born into is kinda famous, kinda inspirational, kinda RAD?) I'm sure Benny and Carter will bring him up to speed. It was so good to see you yesterday Kara. You are a vision, with your big belly, wide smile and CALM attitude! Love you XOXO
(Carter says "Hey! Like my tummy? If I can do can WALK for CHOC!")

So people.....Now's the time!! Come join our team. Become a Carter's Crusader and support the most amazing 2 year old on the planet! (you know you want to...) I mean really, How can you say NO to this kid?

CLICK HERE to join our team and participate in the walk. It's Sunday, October 18th. A 5K stroll through Disneyland and California Adventure, where you are joined by Disney characters cheering you on and providing unique photo opportunities. At the end of the walk, the celebration continues in Downtown Disney where event sponsors, hospital support groups, shops and restaurants have special offers for all Walk participants.

***It's important that when you register online, you select "GLASS SLIPPER" when it asks you where you heard about the walk. And for "Additional Information" please select "CHOC Affiliate - Guilds" under the drop down menu of "Team Category." Then type "Glass Slipper Guild" where it says NAME next.***

The Glass Slipper Guild is an extraordinary group of women dedicated to raising community awareness and funds to support Children's Hospital Orange County (CHOC). Kara, myself, and several of our girlfriends are members. Carter's Crusaders will be walking with the Glass Slipper Guild on the 18th. What an awesome showing we will be in the name of Carter Kipp!

CLICK HERE if you can't be at the walk, but still want to make a donation!

THANKS for your love and support!
Be sure and check back...special Carter's Crusaders tshirts are in the works. I hope to have them available for purchase here on the blog in the next week or so. The plan is to make them available to ANYONE who wants one, not just those who join the team. 100% of the proceeds from the tshirts will go to Carter's Fight Fund.

Happy Labor Day everyone!
( get two this year!)

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