Wednesday, September 16, 2009

We Moved!

I did it.
Took the plunge.
Spent the money.
Bought an address.
Our OWN address....
We Moved!
Well....not US, exactly. Just the blog.
Easiest move I've ever made. Not a single packing box in sight.
Welcome to our new home.

You didn't even know you were here, did you? That's because Google Apps makes the move almost seamless. It will FOREVER forward anyone who visits the old address straight here. SO NICE! If you are hesitating to buy your own domain name, don't. Especially if you are currently hosted by Blogger. They make it silly easy!
If you have a link to my blog on yours - the blog will load faster if you change the link to the new address. And for a few days - if you get to my blog from the old blogspot address, there will be several links on the sidebar that wont work for you. It's because your computer reads them as being forwarded to another address (which you have been!) The links wont work unless they are directed at a final destination URL. After about 3 more days, the new address should have spread across the web, and these problems wont occur anymore.

I'm working on a new Bringing Up Burns button hang in there with me! It's crazy busy here this week! I'm kinda laughing...enjoying sitting back (in my mind) and watching myself try and get it all done. "What the Hooziefritz were you thinking, SPAZ?!" That's what the me in my brain has been saying to the me running around like a chicken with her head cut off.
By this time next week I will have made snack for Molly's class, been to Bible Study, a softball game, a football game, delivered the CC tees to the printer, taken Megan to her Skills Assessment testing, posted my Let Love Grow Giveaway, hosted 2 Birthdays, attended another and also a Sip N See, baked about a zillion desserts including one Baseball Diamond birthday cake, sung "Happy Birthday to Munchie," opened my Etsy shop, picked up the CC tees from the printer, and launched the Carter's Crusaders Etsy Team site just in time for Glass Slipper Guild's general meeting next Tuesday night!

Oh yeah, and somewhere in there I'm supposed to run 20 miles. Cause over achieving, first born, OCD psycho that I am, decided THIS was the month to challenge all my Nike + friends to complete "60 in September."
But it will all be okay.
Because next Wednesday night I will have nothing to do but party.
With my girls.
In the USA!!
It's late. Tonight I went to dinner and the theatre with girlfriends. We saw Legally Blonde and it was really fun! Then I went to the grocery store at 10:30. Which meant I had to come home and put it all away. I hate putting!! Then I got online and started playing around with my template and wrote this post. Now I'm deciding if I should go to bed, or spend time with a few of my favorite things...

Robsten, BUB, and Y&R.

Sleep is overrated!
(Just ask Edward)


Libby said...

Seriously, I'm exhausted just _reading_ about your life. You amaze me!

Anonymous said...

I purchased a domain some time ago but haven't been able to figure out how to move it!! if you have a moment can you let me know how you did it. My domain was purchased at Go Daddy. I'm totally lossed!

LauraC said...

Love it!!

Joanna said...

No wonder you've been staying up late...

Sharon Scarpa said...

You forgot celebrating peace day on September 21st!!!

Brooke said...

You are a freak!!! But at least you know it.......I wish I had your energy.

Erin said...

Lisa - I'll send you an email. It's the LEAST I can walk me thru everything!!

Sharon - SPAZ! My "Let Love Grow" post is about Peace Day....give me a chance =) You know if you put it out there, I can't just ignore! MUST ADD TO LIST.

Polka Dot Moon said...

Sleep is SOOOO over rated! Haven't had hardly any in years.......thanks to the kiddos and their sleeping habits :)

Polka Dot Moon said...

See how tired I am.....I put a smile face at the end of the last comment! Crazy, tired me!

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