Saturday, September 12, 2009

What Do You Love?

I love...
Friday Night Lights

Daddy's biggest fans

My boyfriend

Making Out (kiss #3491 today)

How Munchie calls these his "Yo-H0" shoes


Finding Daddy after a WIN!

Group Bear Hugs (and grins!)

That Mateo would've been happy with 10 more of these

That Coach Burns got one of these

My Life

And as recent post pics prove, I love THIS SHIRT and everything it stands for! I wear it all over town, 8 days a week. So much so, I ordered ANOTHER ONE, but different. Let's hope it gets here soon...because people here are starting to think 147 MILLION is how many days in a row I'm gonna wear this one!

My friend, Lovelyn leaves in 2 days! If you have 5 minutes, please click the links above and read more about her and her family's amazing journey to "Let Love Grow." If you don't have 5 minutes, please take 30 seconds to lift Lovelyn to the Lord. I can only imagine the emotions she's experiencing as she leaves half of her heart here in the states in order to find the other half of her heart in Uganda.

I LOVE you, Lovelyn! And I will LOVE when the entire Palm family can see and touch and hug and kiss and play and laugh with each other. The day that your heart is not only full, but also ONE and home!

You are constantly On.My.Heart.



Aubs said...

has anyone told you lately how HOT you are?!? You look amazing.....i think my hubby needs to be a coach so i can enjoy the friday night lights again...soooo FUN!!!

Love and the whole Palm family are on my heart and mind and in my prayers constantly! Such a touching journey for such an amazing family!

Polka Dot Moon said...

How cute are you guys!!! Very photogenic family :)

And what a wonderful story and amazing friend{s} and family the Palm's are!

LACY said...

So cute, looks just like us on Friday nights!

Momma Such said...

Oh my your children are SO stinking cute!!! No joke, they are beautiful!!!
I'm following you from MBC!

Feel free to stop by and sign up to win one of my fun giveaways! :)

PamperingBeki said...

I could not love this post anymore!!

Angela said...

You have beautiful kids.. I love the picture at the top of the page... your kids are so cute.

Love the pictures and great post.

Visting from

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