Friday, October 09, 2009

Don't Blink

Or you might miss this post. That's how fast it has to be! Mucho going on today.

Molly is snack and share girl. I sewed her and Samamtha (her doll) matching outfits to wear to school. Megan cheers at halftime tonight! So I'm making anchor adorned bows for our little Sailor. More Etsy sellers have joined the crusade! Think fun, pretty jewelry and some amazing stationery...including Christmas cards! I'll post bios and links later today. Carter tees are going fast! A few sizes even have sold get yours NOW if you want one. Been sewing lots of Haute Momma stuff as well as boys flannel jammies and girls Fall outfits. Now I just need a few uninterrupted hours to LIST it all! Co-hosting a dinner party tomorrow for friends who just brought home a son from Russia. It's gonna be Laker themed...the Dad's a crazy fan. Can't wait to share all the fun stuff we've put together!

Happy Friday! Off to love on my babes and make out with Mr. Burns. It's not a good day unless those things happen AT LEAST once!

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Heather :: Angel Face Designs :: said...

Ooh la la! Happy making out! ; )

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