Thursday, December 10, 2009

Do You?

Watch Friday Night Lights?

Cause I pretty much feel like it's a "pre-cursor" for my life to come.

Football Coach
Football Widow
Football Daughter
Cute Quarterback
Teen Angst/Love

In that order.

The funny thing is, in the show, the dad is NOT the one freaking out when the Daughter goes MIA with the quarterback..

It's the MOM.


She says, and I quote:

"I love her, but I still want to kick her ASS."

Yeah. I think that's pretty much how I'm gonna feel.

Which pales in comparison to the


shot gun, Matt is going to have propped by the front door.
(Thanks, Mr. St. Sure)


Amy said...

I absolutely LOVE FNL. Unfortunately, we switched from Directv to Dish this year so I have to wait for NBC to show it in the spring. I can't stand waiting!

carlisle clan conversation... said...

Too funny. I don't watch the show but the little girl on the show is played by triplets that are the daughters of a girl I went to High School with. :)

meg duerksen said...

we have FNL since the first show. we are hooked.
we were discussing what we would do....considering we did THE SAME thing when we were that age! :)
what i love about that show and i think what has kept us watching....a strong marriage. a strong respectful loving marriage. that is no where else on tv...on any show. love it.
hope you are having a blast this weekend! :)

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