Monday, December 14, 2009

Glitter & Giveaways

My Molly makes every day interesting. She is such a little lover, and full of energy. She makes me laugh all.the.time.

The other day Molly wanted to make her own lunch. So I got out all the ingredients and set her up at the kitchen counter. She pulled over a chair and got to work. I looked over a couple minutes later and noticed she was doing everything with one hand...

because her other one was busy holding her Rainbow Rhinestone & White Leather purse!

I told her she could put the purse down. It would still be there when she was done making her sandwich. And she replied, "No Mom. It's okay. I like to hold it."

Then, when she was done assembling the bread, turkey, and cheese, she asked me for the diamond ring cookie cutter to make her sandwich into a cute shape cause it "tastes better that way."

I really hope the Lord is preparing someone super special to be her spouse. I pray for this person everyday!

Cause they are gonna have to love her.
And purses.
And glitter, bling, sparkle anything.
With all their heart!

PS - I had a blast this past weekend with my P320 girls! Laura had told me "blog friends are even better in real life" and I wasn't sure I believed her. You always think everyone puts their best face on their blog, right? They can't be that rad all the time.

Well, Laura was RIGHT! Meeting Marta, Heather, Heather, Julie, and Mel surpassed my expectations. We just meshed, worked so well together, and laughed the entire two days. Two days I will forever cherish and never forget!

Today starts the P320 giveaways that will be held all week long. We received SO MANY awesome donations that we were able to create 15 prize bundles, each containing over 20 items. That's triple what we were hoping for! Please make your way over to the Project 320 Blog to read more about our passion to build a well in Africa....and see the prize bundles full of AWESOME handmade fabulousness!

Glitter and Giveaways...what a great way to start a Monday!


LauraC said...

You will learn what Jon has learned - I am always right. HA!

Glad you had a great visit and hope we all get details soon!

Polka Dot Moon said...

She is just a "one of a kind" cutie! I think I need a diamond cookie cutter too :)

I hope my Twilight, Uber Crafty bloggy friend sometime soon too!! Sounds like you all had a wonderful time :)

mel @ the larson lingo said...

Had SO much fun with you this weekend! You are awesome. Thanks for being such a wonderful hostess! Can't wait until we all meet up again!

Heather | Cookie Mondays said...

had an amazingly fun weekend... sewing or no sewing :)

nor cal is next!

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