Saturday, December 05, 2009

A Lesson in Juxtaposistion by MollyB

It's weird to me how so much awesome can happen in the same year as so much crappy.

Matt and I each lost a Grandparent this past week. My Granny on Monday, his Grandpa on Thursday.

Lately I've been thinking "Good Riddance 2009!" As far as I'm concerned, the new year can't get here fast enough. 2009 took GG, Aunt Barbara, Granny, and Grandpa John. It brought Carter and Aunt Kathy cancer. It presented hiccup after hiccup in the functioning of our everyday lives.

But then again, 2009 has been one of the best yet. Matt and I celebrated 10 years of marriage (and still really like each other!) Kate & Paul got married,

my mom beat cancer (for the 2nd time!)  Chris made it to the Bigs,

we moved into our new home, we learned Matt's brother and his wife are finally gonna give us a baby cousin,

(we love you already Guppy Graber!)

and right around the corner, a clean water well will be built in Africa.

I guess that's life at it's finest, right? Good with the Bad. Pretty with the Ugly. Awesome with the Crappy.

Before I had kids, I never really thought about what it would be like to learn from my children. To see things from their point of view. I always thought it would be me teaching them, me bringing them up, me showing them how to see the world.

Both girls have really been looking forward to going to Iowa this Christmas. We bit the bullet a couple weeks ago and bought all 5 of us plane tickets to spend Christmas on the Farm. We new it would be Grandpa John's last - if he made it - and he had yet to meet Wyatt.

So you can imagine how hard it was for me to tell them Grandpa had passed away this week. Before we could get there to say one last goodbye. I had tears in my eyes and I wasn't too sure how they were going to take it. I was especially worried about Molly. Just the day prior, she had colored the most beautiful picture to take to him.

To my surprise (and enlightenment) this is how our conversation went:

ME: "Girls, I have something to tell you and it might make you sad. Grandpa John went to Heaven today....Do you understand what that means?"

MEGAN: "Yeah. He died. Daddy will be so sad!"

ME: "Well yes, he did. And yes, he will. But what I mean is, Grandpa wont be there this Christmas when we go back to the Farm. What do you think about that?"

MOLLY: "That's so cool Mom. Papa John is lucky."

ME: "Lucky? Why?"

MOLLY: "Cause he gets to know what Jesus looks like FOR REALS!"

Well I guess you're right my MollyB. Grandpa doesn't get to spend Christmas with us, but he does get to know what Jesus looks like for reals! Apparently, when put side by side, Death is a lot like Life. Good with the Bad. Pretty with the Ugly. Awesome with the Crappy.

Who ever knew a 4 year old could teach you so much?

(She did!)


Bert Bell said...

My condolences, prayers and thoughts to & for you. It isn't easy to lose a loved one. Molly sure is one smart cookie and has a good perspective that will take her through the many trials of life.

To the sweetness of life God must allow or put in a bit of the bitter to remind us of His goodness & blessings. 2009 has been a rough year for many of His saints, but what will get us through is praising Him through every storm and remembering all His blessings. Many hugs dearest sister in Christ.

stephy said...

Erin, I have seen you every day and have had no idea. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of Granny and Grandpa. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Thank you for letting Molly teach me everyday with her gracious heart and most wonderful hugs. :)

mel @ the larson lingo said...

I am so sorry for your losses. MollyB is such a sweetheart. This brought tears to my eyes! Kids are amazing! You are one lucky mama!

LauraC said...

Erin I am so sorry to hear this news. I am glad you are able to be so positive. With what a crap year 2009 has turned out to be, I am thankful to always have my boys to keep me present and in the (positive) moment.

Emily said...

That was just beautiful.
Love you!

Can't wait to see you, soon!

Brooke said...

Praying for you....this is hard. Brooke

Haus of Girls said...

So sorry Erin.
And I just want to squeeze cutie Molly. Love her.

Joanna said...

I am sorry that you all will not see grandpa this Christmas, but maybe you will be able to feel his special presence. What a wonderfully long life your dad's mom lived. I'll always remember her at the house on the little island. I know you enjoy your time with family in Iowa this year.

Julie @ Joy's Hope said...

love her. for reals.

Margot said...

brought a little tear to my eye. Funny how kids can say the things we need to hear in sad times.

Shannon said...

WHAT? you come to Iowa? I am a long time reader and LOVE your blog. I am in Iowa as well. Battling our huge snow storm! I hope that you have safe travels to the cold cold north! But I am sure your beautiful children will love the snow!. Where do you go in Iowa? I am close to Des Moines, in Ankeny.

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