Monday, January 11, 2010


(If you want this button for your blog, head on over to the 500 in 2010 blog! The code is up now!)

Do you Run? Do you Tweet?

If you do, then my post title probably makes sense to you!

If you don't, then I'll explain. #500in2010 is the hashtag Laura and I are using on Twitter when we tweet (or possibly, maybe do just a little bit of trash talking) about our New Year's running challenge. (What's a hashtag, you ask? It's that cute little pound sign. It makes it so anyone who uses it anywhere in their tweet can automatically be found by others using it too in Twitter's search box. Confused? Don't be. Twitter rocks. Go learn how. Yes, Kate & Libby. I'm specifically talking to you!)

Guess what?! As of this morning, almost 60 people are signed up for 500 in 2010! If we all meet our goals....that's almost 30,000 miles exercised! What a great start to the making TwentyTen the healthiest year ever!

Laura and I want any and all who are interested in making this their Healthiest Year too to be able to join in our "fun!" So we have created a #500in2010 blog! CLICK HERE to visit.

Each day you will find new stuff to keep you inspired and motivated. (I need all the help I can get someimtes!)

*Post your Mileage.
This is when all #500in2010 participants should leave a comment with their miles from the previous week. Be sure and check that your name and correct info is on there if you are participating!

*Mileage Results Post.
Laura vs. Me will always be listed this challenge grew out of our desire to kick each other's butt. (Laura's ahead today...but do not be fooled! I'm a distance queen. Nike+ told me so.)
Then the top ten overall will be listed next. Then everyone else in alphabetical order.

* Featured challenger.
This will help everyone get to know each other a little better, and it will be easier for us to cheer each other on! I am excited to be motivated by all of you. Want to be a featured challenger? Email me at ....and don't be surprised if Laura or I contact you. We want to get to know everyone!

* Recipe ideas.
Lots of people - friends, family, bloggers - have asked me to share how I lost 70 pounds! On Wednesdays, I am going to post some of my favorite "losing weight" recipes over on my Haute Plates blog and link to it on #500in2010. Do you have a favorite "light" recipe you would like to share? Or maybe a certain snack, that's easy on the calories but awesome on the energy? Email me, and you can be a guest recipe blogger!


* Fitness/work out/music/weight loss tips.
Losing weight and finding my love for running wasn't all about the food! Lots of other things needed to be in place for me to be successful. On Thursdays Laura and I are going to post other tips that keep us motivated and pounding the pavement.

* Hodge podge.
This is where you can leave a comment full of trash talk or questions or listing something exciting going on for you fitness wise. Like if you lost weight that week, or reached a new milege goal. Maybe you ran your first 5K or said NO to the drive thru even after that long tiring day at work. Let us know your triumphs and we'll be sure to highlight our favorites!!

If all this is new to you, but sounds like something you want in on, CLICK HERE to learn more about #500in2010. It's Laura's post from last week with the basic logistics of what #500in2010 is.

Also - many of you have been asking about Nike+. It is only compatible with the ipod touch, ipod nano, and iPhone 3GS. Read this for more information. There is also a Nike+ SportBand if you don't have any of those ipod options. (That's what Matt uses) Read this for more information on products. You do not need Nike shoes, you can buy an aftermarket sensor holder at a sporting goods store.

Alright peoples! I must get off this computer and pound the pavement. Laura is up 10 miles on me (and is running a half marathon this weekend!) I got some catching up to do! Let me know if you have any more questions or if you want to join our challenge!

Munchie says:
"Happy running, biking, walking, elipsing!
Get your MOVE on!"


Becky @ Our Sweet Peas said...

I am so excited about all these features that the blog will have. Heres to week 2. Congrats on losing 70 lbs. that is amazing. I can't wait to hear your story!

Jennifer said...

Wow, Erin, you continue to amaze me!! Keep up the good're an inspiration to us all. I would love to join, but knees have been screaming at me..maybe elliptical 500 miles?

Aubs said...

LOVE it! So grateful for the work you and laura are putting into this blog and challenge!!! So cool to have such a great network of motivation!

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