Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Roy G Biv

Megan's kindergarten class has words that they are supposed to learn to read by sight as they progress through the school year. These words are broken into groups with different colors of the rainbow as names. Megan was just given the "RED" group of words to learn last week.


Well guess what? She has already mastered all of them! In one short week (and with very little practice at home, I might sheepishly add.) Each time she masters a new group, she gets a special reward from Mom & Dad. Last night we went to House of Yogurt to celebrate her awesomeness where she enjoyed a HUGE bowl of pineapple tart frozen yogurt topped with just about everything possible (including red sprinkles, red strawberries, and red M&Ms!)


Great Job my sweet MJ! Words (no matter their color) could never explain how proud I am of you! You are a hard working, focused, diligent student who excels with out being pushed and I love you for that! I love you for being your best even when no one is watching. I love what you have chosen as your next reward (a pedicure with orange toenails) and can't wait to celebrate YOU again. Keep up the good work!

**Don't faint...but I posted a new recipe on Haute Plates this morning! Honey Citrus Soy Salmon. Each Wednesday, I am going to post a new recipe for the 500 in 2010 Blog that is healthy, flavorful and helped me reach my goal weight! I hope to also get back to Menu Plan Mondays too...soon. Thanks for your patience!**


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Megan! Grammie Susan is proud too! Use those flash cards we made with the sight words on them. Just pick out the ones that are in "your color" this week.

Wishful Nals said...

so sweet!

Bert Bell said...

Bravo Megan!!!! You Rock!!! Orange toenails sounds like a cool thing to see. I hope your Mom takes pictures of those piggies!

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