Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Don't Worry


I was given and award last week by Journey Beyond Survival.
Now it's my turn to list 10 things that make me happy and pass along the award to 10 blogs that make me happy. I go.

Ten Things that make me HAPPY are:

1. Being in Love with Mateo.

2. Fresh Flowers...especially those grown by my own green thumb. Still deciding where to plant these this Spring...

3. Watching my three play together and love it.

4. The SUN on my skin.
5. Ice cold Diet Coke in a can.
6. These Women

7. Finding a beautiful bargain. Like THESE earrings for $5! Wearing them now. LOVE. Denise makes me happy too!

(7.5 Browsing Etsy)

8. A book I can't put down. Just finished THIS.

9. Colbie Caillat's voice (THIS is #4 on my running playlist) 

10. Doing anything with my Sister (like scarfing down loaded hotdogs from Portillo's in the parking lot!)

Where I go on the world wide web when I need some HAPPY...

Joy's Hope
(my Blogger-Twitter turned IRL beautiful friend!)
Today and Yesterday
(my sister in law...visit her blog for a sneak peak of the baby shower we threw her last weekend! Post and pics coming here soon!)
A Year of Slow Cooking
(Where I go when I don't know what's for dinner.)
Moments With Love
(the soul sister I've never met but wish was my next door neighbor!)
The Celebration Shoppe
(Where I go when I start to plan a party.)
(Where I go when I want to Shabby up the place on the cheap!)
(Blog eye candy. This woman's moniker is perf. She's truly a baking princess of extraordinary proportions!)
Amy Atlas
(Rockstar Party Planner to real life Rockstars. More blog eye candy.)
Nie Nie 
(If you don't already know who she are missing out on one of God's Angels here on Earth.)
Someday Crafts
(Where I go when I want to get my MAKE on.)


Polka Dot Moon said...

LOVE your list! You make me smile to my Cali friend :)

Polka Dot Moon said...

P.S. keep an eye on your mailbox........just sayin'.

love said...

love this list so much.

and yes. i know we'll be neighbors in heaven, but i kinda wanna work on it sooner...kay?

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