Thursday, February 11, 2010


Water that is. I've got so much on my plate right now, I'm just doing the very next thing I have to get done to keep my head above water. Sadly...blogging ain't it!

Molly and I leave for Chicago in the morning to celebrate her 5th Birthday with Aunt Kate and Uncle Paul. She is beyond excited to have a special trip all by herself and to go to American Girl. Grammie & Papa took her out for shopping and sushi earlier this week and gave her Molly (the doll). She has been toting her everywhere we go ever since.

I'm also gearing up for Presidient's week and having the kids home, co hosting a baby shower for my sister in law next weekend, and sew sew sewing my brains out! I've got several orders on the books as well as Megan's "Green" reading words reward (she wanted her own Mildred tee) 3 baby gifts, and Molly's birthday outfit (think cupcakes, turquoise, zebra, ruffles and BLING!) So yummy.

Oh yeah...and I'm still trying to squeeze in 15 miles run each week. So far I'm on track. I hit 100 miles (since Jan 1st) this morning. Thank goodness for my running partner Kim, who graciously comes to me at 5:30AM and keeps me pounding the pavement! We did almost 8 miles before church last weekend! Come check out my "Running Gear" thoughts over at 500 in 2010 today, if you want.

OK - signing off so I can finish up Molly's Valentines before I pick her up at school today. Gotta drop them off early since she'll be missing the party tomorrow.  Hopefully pics of all this hullabaloo later. (Cause one of the baby onesies I came up with last night is too stinkin' cute NOT to share!)


Bert Bell said...

Be sure to take a breathe somewhere in the midst of all of it. Have a wonderful & safe trip! Happy Birthday Ms. Molly.....may you have a blessed timie in Chicago!

Polka Dot Moon said...

If anyone can do it all, it's you! Take time to enjoy your fabulous trip with Molly! All the rest can wait.

Safe travels and I can't wait to see pics!!

Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

You are superwoman, Erin, but make sure to take some time to slow down when you can!

Have fun in Chicago, and happy birthday to Molly!

britty said...

you are completely insane, and completely adorable!

britty said...

you are completely insane, and completely adorable!

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