Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Birth Order

Funny thing it is to be the oldest.
Cause your Mom always thinks you're too young to do anything on your own.
So either she doesn't introduce you or keeps you from trying for a bit.
But you ask and ask and finally she gives in.
Of course you are RAD in nothing flat,
And it's obvious you know exactly what you're doing and are having a blast.
So guess who wants to try to?!
Your younger sister.

Does Mommy put her off or insist she's too little?
(Even when she's a full 17 months younger than you!)
Nope. She lets her try.
This makes the oldest roll her eyes.

Funny thing it is, as well, to be the younger sister.
Cause when she conquers her two wheeler in just one day...
This doesn't seem to surprise Mommy as much.
I mean, Mommy is beyond proud and excited.
Tears and Cheers for both girls all around.

But somehow, Mommy expected younger sister to do just that.
Monkey see, Monkey do faster.
And since Older Sister has already paved the path of Mommy letting go.
Two BIG girls on bikes, riding off into the horizon, is all that's left for her see.

Which is exactly what creates the baby.
And that's a funny thing too.
Cause he wants to be BIG so bad.
Just like his girls.
With his helmet and scooter, smiling SO proud.
But he's still little enough for Mommy to hold on.
So she does.
Probably WAY too much.
But he's sweet and he lets her.
For now.


Aubs said...

awww....what a sweet post!! great job girls!! i agree it is hard to let go with the oldest!

heather said...

Love this post! Mine are boy-girl-girl and a different age span (the younger two are my close ones), but I have to agree big time on the "how mom handles things" side! :-)

Baby Mama said...

love this!!! i am the baby and my mom is still holding on! ;-) and i only have one but i know what you mean, she is still my baby and what do you mean you want to ride a bike?!!???!! lol

Emily said...

Best part about this post: The Iowa Hawkeye shirt.
Let's Go Hawks!
Sarah would be proud.

Love you guys!

LACY said...

So cute, I do the same thing with CJ, poor first born

LACY said...

PS love the new blog! Those pics of your fam are sooo cute!

Libby said...

Oh HOW TRUE! Love the pics to go with.

Joanna said...

Nice prose!

Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

Love this post!!

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