Monday, April 19, 2010

Re Entry

Matt and I just spent the weekend HERE.
About 6 hours on Saturday right there in cabana #4. With Heavenly poolside service and the HOT, glorious sun. With clever friends and not a single obligation or responsibility.

Then we had a blast at Travis & Shana's wedding. Dancing til midnight and celebrating a Bride & Groom made for each other! Sunday was sleeping in, a lazy 2 hour oceanside brunch, and more pool time.

Now I am HERE.

Where it is perfectly normal to find a rotary cutter and strawberry toothpaste on the counter right next to the morning's breakfast dishes and a hot glue gun.

And perfectly normal for the criminal amount of clothes my girls own to be strewn about their room, right next to every My Little Pony known to man and a Beta fish, "SweetieBelle," who hasn't eaten or had a clean bowl since I don't remember when.

Ahhh....ReEntry. You are so BitterSweet.
I couldn't wait to get home to my Munchies.
Monday....I could've put you off a few more days!

On the up side...the kids stayed with my parents this weekend. So we left them MY CAR. My faboosh Momma had it cleaned inside and out! (She was probably afraid of the diseases she might catch if she didn't.) Lucky Me, I got my Dirty MiniVan pictures taken and posted already!

If you haven't seen my Trashy Vegas Showgirl (who loves threesomes) please, CLICK HERE. I invite you to be mortified. Then CLICK HERE to vote in Wendy's competition! (Leave a comment saying who you think should win)

I need that Rubber Chicken. She'd be perfect right between the golf ball and case of beer, don'tcha think?! At the very least on my counter keeping the rotary cutter and toothpaste company.


Ashley said...

You look so beautiful at the wedding! Did you make your headband?
And ughh...can totally relate to your girls room. Looks like my daughters room.

britty said...

you guys look HOT! sounds like a fun weekend!

Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

This post cracked me up!!

mel @ the larson lingo said...

What an awesome mini getaway! Sounds heavenly...I could use one right about now!
I smiled at your comment about your kitchen counter & the glue gun. I think for the P320 weekend, that glue gun was plugged in for 48 hours straight, but we never used it!
Holla for your mom cleaning out your car, SCORE!!! By the way, you are getting my totally beat me. I will have the rubber chicken ready to send to you, once I find it (it is buried somewhere in my Tahoe)

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