Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Definition of "ISH"

My kids are money.
As in CASH.
As in, WE won the lottery.
As in...their birth gave me the map to my soul.
And yet there is something to be said for a life that FILLS your heart
but is not yours to have (so much.)
A Son or a Daughter...ISH

That kind of LOVE...
It's weird.
I love this little girl like she's
and yet...
I love her in a way,
that I can't love my own.


With her, I have no responsibility.
I mean...not really.
I have to make sure she follows her P's and Q's....
but I also get to be "Auntie." 
All the time.
Cause she lives so close I can walk to babysit,
And you know I will.

She lives so close I get to feed her ice cream for breakfast.
and M&M's for lunch,
and buy her those rad, sparkly, uber expensive, glittery shoes when they fit...
I'm her Auntie.

This little girl holds a special place in my heart....
not only cause she's beautiful and perfect
and has the most amazing, rad, generous, awesome Mommy & Daddy in the world....
but also because she was born on a 

Dear Taylor Elizabeth,
My dear sweet, NIECE....
I don't know if you will ever be able to comprehend the joy that your birth brought to my life.
Actually...I hope, deep in my heart, that you never do.
'Cause for the last few years, April 14th has been a sad day for me. 
A day to think about a life short lived.
A beautiful, FULL, heart stopped short.

But then....this year, on April 14th, you were BORN.
And I was reminded that life is RAD.
Life is big.
Life is special,
Life is fun!
Life is a gift!
Life is YOU!
Life is now.

Life may be ugly and sad sometimes...
Life may be something I don't care to figure out.
but Life is also beautiful and ecstatic.
Life is GOOD.
YOU are good.
Thank You for making my heart sing on what would otherwise be a sad day.
My prayer is that, one day, MAYBE....
you will comprehend the GIFT your
beautiful, sweet, innocent, perfect, APRIL 14th born, female heart is to ME!
(your Auntie)

Make the most of it!!
I can't wait to watch.
And cheer you on!

(COUSINS! Molly, Megan, Taylor and her Momma)


Amy@thosefunnylittlegirls said...

She is beautiful! What a wonderful gift she will be to yur family. Your post is dead on about auntie love.
I too love being an Auntie Meme as much as I love being Mommy.

love said...

oh, the tears, tears, tears.

what perfect timing for this sweet, precious little girl to join your family. i want to cuddle her. =)

heather said...

Being an Auntie is the best thing in the world! I cherish my role as an Auntie SO much...so much more fun to spoil!! :-)

And what a blessing to have this beautiful girl in your life on this day. What a joy!

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