Friday, May 14, 2010

There's No Red Carpet in my Basement

Who watched Oprah yesterday? I literally NEVER watch Oprah.
But this episode was qued to the TiVo weeks ago.
Some of my favorite quotes...

 (to the audience at the start of the show when the cast took the stage and everyone was screaming their heads off)
"Okay, do you just want to do that for an hour??...or can I talk?"

(to Taylor)
"I love that shot where we see you for the first time by the car....when I saw that edit, I thought, in that moment did they say "FLEX!"

(when asked if the fan frenzy was hard to relate to)
"Still to this day I can't really connect to all the craziness. But it's a great position to be in, cause you can appreciate it when you walk into a room and everybody's screaming...cause it's not really about you, so it never really goes to your head."

(When asked how he learned to talk without his British accent)
"I used to want to be a rapper. I have a lot of recordings."

(When asked for an American word that's hard to say)

(When asked about making TIME magazine's 100 Most Influential People in the World)
"Three years ago I wouldn't of been able to influence my dog to walk."
"I know! I was above Obama!...I'd have to agree with that."

(When asked if he preferred his title as Most Beautiful or Most Influential)
"Definitely beautiful! (laughing) I have no reason to influence people."

(When asked if he and Kristen were dating)
"Kristen's pregnant."

(when Oprah commented on so much being written about her being shy)

(on why she gets so nervous)
I understand that words have weight and I mince them when I know that everybody's waiting for them."

(On why she cares for Bella as a character)
"I can also completely relate to the fact that she's totally awkward but she owns it and she's not gonna say anything she doesn't mean."

(On how she instantly knew Robert was THE ONE in their audition)
 "I guess it was just a gut thing. It was just good. Really good."

 (When asked if she and Robert had to kiss in the audition)
"Yes. We HAD to kiss."

(Right after Robert announced she's pregnant)
"He likes to...He loves to shock people. He thinks it's funny. No....we've actually talked about this. HE'S having the baby."

(when asked about how he deals with the rapid rise to super stardom)
"It's almost like you live two different worlds."

(When Oprah commented on his six pack abs and splayed pics of them all over the big screen)
He had no words...he just blushed bright red!

 (When asked if it was true women ask him to howl)
"Yes! I was on the red carpet and they were like "Could you howl for us?" and I was like NO!"

(When asked about his squeaky clean image...has he ever smoke or drank?)
"Honestly no. I guess that's just the way I was raised by my parents and my family."
(um, Oprah...he's 17. Was he supposed to say yes?!)

(When asked what qualities he looks for in a woman)
"Loyalty. Honesty. Somebody who can totally let loose and be themselves, have fun."

(When asked what she loves about the story)
"How many people love it and relate to it. My sister and her friends are making a robot in school and they named it Rob-bot Pattinson."

(When asked to describe Kristen)
"She's one of my best friends."

(When Oprah commented on the fact that she seemed wise beyond her years)
"I guess some people say that...I don't know. I feel the age that I am."

My Not-So Favorite parts??
Um...the Twi-Moms. They were a little scary. Cause while I totally loved the stories, movies, and have commented on the hotness that is the Twilight boys with the best of them...I do not have a fake red carpet in my basement or pose for pictures with huge cardboard cutouts of RPatz and TayLaut. (JoBros...yes. But that's Mrs. Maize's fault!) I also do not "tingle inside" when Edward takes the screen, nor do I think he is a "safe" way to cheat. WTH?! Eeewww. Oprah...this kinda ick is EXACTLY why I don't watch you on a regular basis.

That being's 12:24AM and I must stop blogging so I can go Fandango. Eclipse tickets went on sale at midnight. IMAX, peoples. IMAX!

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Julie said...

Love the Q&A's! I have this on my DVR & still need to watch! Love your blog! And your shop! And that family photo shoot! (I miss the beach!) We just took family pix a few wks ago & I'm trying to narrow it down to a few for my header! What program did you use? I'm having trouble! =( I have PSE. Talk soon on Twitter! {JewlznAZ}

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