Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Musical Beds

That's our bed.
As in...Matt's and my bed.
At about 6:20am almost any given day of the week.
Sometimes we wake to just us.
And it's sweet!
But more often we wake to Munchies in between.
We like it that way.
Sure, we'd get better sleep if they stayed in their own beds.
But they don't come in until {very} early morn.
And neither of us are ones who need tons of sleep anyhow.
We both know there will come a day none of them want to eat or drive or walk...
Let alone sleep with us!
So for now, we shuffle and squish and sardine.
And savor these sweet snuggles!


Ashley said...

Okay... I feel like I could have written this post!!! Emma does the same thing and i LOVE IT!!!! There is nothing sweeter than snuggling with her when we wake up :) :)

Heather said...

that's like our bed, except for with leila and the two dogs...gianna will be jumping in soon enough, though!

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